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Monday, August 27, 2012

Holy Crap! Pit Stop Fuels Motorcycle

Say what you want about Japan, it takes a lot of crap for its inventions, but sometimes they work!

TOTO, considered one of Japan's top bottom toilet manufacturers has created an eco-friendly motorcycle that runs on poop.

Everybody poops. No sh!t, eh. And everybody (not really) wants environmentally-friendly vehicles to drive around, so one TOTO has built the first 250cc motorcycle - Neo, a three-wheeler, in fact - that runs on excrement, that it hopes will flush away the competition.

Check out the photo above showing TOTO employee Matsuyama Akikio (surname first) demonstrating the Neo (photo by AP/Koji Sasahara). Despite having a toilet seat as the seat for a rider, the rider is not expected to eat bowls of chilli to power the bike!

Nope... it takes a special kind of poop to power the bike, as the Neo's engine is powered from a biofuel made from livestock excrement (fertilized, purified and compressed) and and household wastewater that actually comes from two different locales: Kobe-shi out west and Shika-oi town up north in Hokkaido.

Originally when talk of this bike surfaced back in September of 2011, it was thought that human waste would be used as a biofuel. It is... just not the excrement. 

So, in fact, the toilet seat is just part of the schtick - made to ensure we all know it's a toilet motorcycle - it's just there for show. In fact... the whole motorcyle was built to show off TOTO's environmental responsibilities, with the company stating it is not involved in any biofuel or motorcycle manufacturing business. 

Though Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife assumes it takes a special type of rider to proudly show that he's riding a porta-potty.

Here's a You Tube ad showing the bike.

Andrew Joseph

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