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Monday, August 27, 2012

Hotel Parking Lot's 10 Meter Plunge

I admit to not being the best backer-upper in the world, but I've never hit anyone or anything with my car.

I'm certainly not as troubled as these poor folks who were in a car that plunged 10 meters from the parking lot of a Tokyo hotel injuring three. Full story from the Japan Times HERE.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Hmmm... knowing how little kids were perpetually NOT strapped into car seats in Japan, I am amazed that the young child in this story only sustained minor injuries.

    1. I think Japan is getting better with regard to kid safety in cars... but I know what you mean... heck... we didn't do that stuff either... I have an 8-stich scar under my right nostril from where I bounced off a taxi's dashboard while sitting on my dad's lap...
      In this Tokyo case... yeah... everyone was lucky...