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Friday, August 10, 2012

Japanese Soccer Women Flying High In Better Seats

What? Japan Ends Sexist Behavior?

Nawwwww. Not really... but for one brief moment... a moment that may one day speak volumes, Japan's Olympic officials (and soccer officials) look like they may be leaving the 2012 London Olympic Games in style.

Yes, the Japanese women's soccer team has some new Silver neckwear in a hard-fought tournament, losing to the US 2-1, but Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife has heard that the Japanese Women's team may indeed be bumped up in their seating class!

Yes... the women's team, who have long had to make due with the Premium Economy Class appear posed to plant their ass in Business Class seats - just the same as their male counterparts.

The Men's soccer team, has long been the better funded team of the two, but for the past few years at least, has not had the same on-field success as their "Nadeshiko" (team nickname) female counterparts.

The Japanese Women's team won the 2011 World Cup. The Japanese Men's team, while often a dominating force in the Asian sector of soccer, has not yet been able to translate that into greater international success - and yet... they were always seemingly treated better than the Woman's team, as far as travel arrangements go.

Oh well... at least the women will have a bit more leg room on the planes, as these fierce warriors have an average height of 1.62 meters, which is a full seven centimeters shorter than the Gold-medal winning (and muscular) team from the U.S.

So... will this be the beginning of the end of sexual discrimination in Japan? Or at least for the woman's soccer team? We'll see the next time they have to travel to a tournament outside the country.

Andrew Joseph

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