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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LEGO: Gaijin Take Over The Japanese Dance Club

I guess I create LEGO dioramas when I'm stressed - which I appear to be lately. I show no other outward signs - except being snappish at home.

I have no idea why I create what I create... sometimes the medium presents the answers... On Saturday last, I picked up a bunch of transparent blue round bits of LEGO - for no other reason than transparent pieces are a tough one to find... and electric blue like the ones I bought.... well, I had never seen that color before. I also bought a bunch of bubblegum pink bricks, but haven't done anything with them yet. Along with that, I bought some transparent purple cones. Just because I had never seen those colors before. 

When I was a kid, it was yellow, red, blue, black and white. And, I never played with LEGO. My escape then was sports (playing), music (playing brass woodwinds and keyboards), television, comic books and when it became available, video games.  

Now it's sports (watching), television, music (listening) and LEGO. Oh yeah, and writing. Women, too, I suppose.

Anyhow... I just started putting together the pieces without any plan... and then decided to build a transparent wall. Then I decided to either make a church or a bar. Then I thought about making the floor transparent... because I thought making stained glass patterns of the Stations of the Cross to be insane... and then I remembered I had a singer and guitarist minifig.

Then it was a bar.

That's what the photos are. But how to make it so I can show it off in this blog? It should have something Japanese about it. And then I remembered that no matter what Japan is... there are a butt-load of foreigners there. Gaijin.

It seems that whenever a bunch of gaigin (foreigners) gather anywhere in Japan... they take it over. It's not that the foreigners go to Japan to hang-out with other foreigners. We don't. Ask Noboko or Junko. Ask Matthew who married Takako. We don't just go there for the sex (though that was pretty good). We go there/Japan to better ourselves. The successful ones do better themselves.

Whether it's guys like Peter Able who questions himself about why he's not a good enough teacher - the point is, he questions himself and tries to get better. By questioning, he betters himself.

I always had a lot of questions about Japan, and as such, I bettered myself. Japan helped me grow up. You might question that considering I love watching cartoons, reading comic books and building LEGO... but it all help me be more creative... because I watch, extrapolate and apply.

I've had about 25 comic book stories published, and written nearly 1,400 blogs about Japan, and another 100+ from the other two blogs I write less frequently, plus the 200 or so magazine articles I have written, 1,000 pieces I have posted on the web for work, 200 odd stories for my brief jaunt as a newspaper reporter, and the 200+ short stories I have written.

I like to create. I need to create. Even when stressed, I realize that my best outlet is to create. I write all day. I write these blogs... so sometimes I need another outlet. That's where LEGO comes in, because you can only masturbate so many times.

Which brings me to this current LEGO creation. Sometimes in Japan... when you are a gaijin, you just need to hang out with a bunch of other gaijin and let loose.

This diorama is a small example of what happens when gaijin get together in downtown Tokyo or Osaka or Utsunomiya or wherever. They take over the place.

If Pink Floyd would forgive me, I would call this diorama: Several Species Of Small Furry Gaijin Gathered Together In A Bar And Grooving With A Brick. But they wouldn't.

If you know Pink Floyd, you would know that song from the Ummagumma album - it has always been one of my favorite ways to listen and relieve stress. If you collect records, you want the version with the GIGI poster leaning against the wall above the band's name.     

Anyhow... here's a list of some of the other LEGO dioramas I have built...

And here's a look at what happens when gaijin take over a Japanese dance club... a whole lotta ummagumma:
I have no idea why the waiter is in a gorilla suit delivering a pie...
There's always a drunk sailor trying to get a lei...
Cool Japanese bar staff; women dancing with their skirts coming down - paaaarrrrrtttyyy!
I always enjoyed a Kamikaze! It went down quickly. Plus an ostrich leg for a snack.
Mike Rogers of The Rotters is singing... and everybody dances because they don't understand he hates them. Kidding.
Some idiot always tries to pay the bar tab with American money.
Hope you all enjoyed the show. Visit Marketing Japan for a look at what Mike Rogers is up to lately. And come back here again to see what other stuff I can come up with to entertain us all.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Of course, as Mike reminded me months ago... it's my damn blog and I can post whatever I want to post. Thanks, buddy!


  1. I like this one the best for the variety of personalities and the colourful transparent parts. Most important of all: the social commentary and funny captions.

    1. Thanks! I agree... while the others were just fun to build... this one... the comments were good! Much appreciated, my friend!

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    1. Howdy. I suppose you could state that with every photo of yours, that it is your photo (photo by Amanda) in the cutline...
      But no... I don't have too much problem with it - and by that I mean it doesn't bother me. Then again... mine is a free site without ads. I suppose the best way to try and nip it is to comment back on those sites and tell them that hey, you don;t mind them using your material as long as they give credit.
      I was called on it once - and promptly begged forgiveness and gave credit where credit is due... and do my best to create my own material... with acknowledgements where possible.
      My friend Mike was asked by a newspaper to remove all their photos... he complied by removing every single photo from the past four years. And now freely offers his own photos for anyone to use.
      If I use a newspaper photo, I try to give credit if I know the source from whence it came.
      Best of luck - and thanks for reading.