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Monday, August 27, 2012

LEGO: Godzilla

Sometimes bigger isn't always better. I thought I would try building a miniature LEGO scene, involving a few miniature scale versions of buildings and a normal-sized minifig (mini figurine) of Godzilla stomping through it.

The entire diorama is: 5-inches (12.7 centimeters)  long by 2.5-inches (6.35 centimeters) deep and 3.5-inches (8.89 centimeters) high at the tallest point of one of the buildings.

The main reason for this is that I like LEGO and I like Godzilla and if I was to make a LEGO-scale city and Godzilla it would not only take weeks to build a city - and hope like heck I have enough scale pieces (I don't) and then try and create a LEGO monster-sized Godzilla.

While I am sure there are plenty of LEGO enthusiasts out there who have a large number of dark green LEGO pieces to build his scaly hide, I do not. I am also sure I lack the patience to build a replica that looks enough like the mythical monster - so I got small.

Using a LEGO minifig from Series 5 of the mystery packs - featuring a man in a lizard suit costume, I built a version of Tokyo on fire. No... the buildings are not representative of actual buildings, but I did decide to toss in a toppling tower awash in flames.

I added a few other flaming buildings and voila... Oh yeah... I also added a blue flame to the mouth of the Godzilla creature - which was a pain in the butt to add, as it just wasn't wide enough... but if you force it, it works.

As an added bonus, behind the rampaging king of the monsters, there are four squashed cars (three of them white!), demoslished and buildings on fire. There is a tiny red temple in the scene that is as of yet untouched by his radioactive reptilian royal highness.

I purposely tries to take a photo or two that shows the eyes of the actor in the Godzilla suit. 

I tried to blow some smoke onto the scene, but it wouldn't take in the photo. I need a faster shuttered camera. I did monkey-around with the colors quite a bit to create a city awash in smoke and fire.

Whatever... hope it amuses you.

Click HERE for views of my other large-scale LEGO dioramas. Including the blog it takes you to, there's a link at the very bottom for the other dioramas.   

Godzilla knocks down a tower after stomping several white cars flat.
Look into Godzilla's (and the guy in the suit's) eyes - he loves his work!
Thanks to a - a phosphorous bomb - from Japan's Defense Force, everything looks blurry.
My son has recommended another diorama for me to build... so more in a few weeks!

Andrew Joseph

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