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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Zombie Cola

Okay... you've seen the photo... complete with a McDonald's logo on it advertising a drink only a zombie or perhaps a ghoul could love.

Flesh drink.

Very funny... but is it real? No one is saying, one way or the other... in fact, this photo is being spread around with the implication that it's the real thing.   

Now... while it is true that the Japanese often screw up the 'L' and 'R' (there is no 'L' in the Japanese alphabets), we are talking about McDonald's Japan. This is a frickin' big company... and despite that logo with the golden arches on it... have you ever seen a drink dispenser at McDonald's that looked like this one?

I haven't. It's why I have my doubts as to its veracity.

It's cheap. It's plastic. It's orange. It has some Japanese written on it. It serves one drink. Maybe it serves skin milk, but why put it in an orange container then? 

It's someone with a crappy plastic dispenser and the ability to utilize PhotoShop.

So... while I use this image to create a blog (and to some extent capitalize on it), you should always be careful about what's real and not real on the Internet.

Of course, I could be wrong about the photo...

Andrew Joseph


  1. There is another possible explanation w/ some cool science:

    If you take (extremely) high doses of beta-carotene, it gets stored in your body and gives you an orange look to your skin (aka flesh). Such a look may be ridunkulus to you, but it would be popular with the fans of Jersey Shore and/or gyarus.

    McDonald's, therefore, is genius. By coming out with a healthy drink that turns your flesh orange, it remains relevant to young adults who spend money like water and have questionable taste in TV entertainment.

    This also helps you out. You now have more stuff to comment on... what with more orange-flesh people walking about.

    1. You are a complete idiot and I love ya for that! You are very funny and I would read what you write.
      Ugh... not sure I want to look like Snookie.

    2. Thanks. I appreciate that. And thank you for sharing your adventures with the world. (Not that you have a choice... you're a born writer :)