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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Andrew Plots His Revenge On Everyone Who Was Mean To Him

I love Calvin & Hobbes... an old cartoon strip that dominated the 1990s... a simple strip about a little boy and his pet tiger doll that was only a doll when others were around Calvin.

You can read the strip above by clicking on it to make it bigger.

Anyhow... for a brief period in time when I was happy and power mad and looking to make as many friends as possible, I thought that being the editor of the Tatami Times newsletter for the other assistant English teachers on the JET Programme in Tochigi-ken was something that would make me even more popular than I figured I should be.

From my on-again-off-again girlfriend Ashley (though a great kisser, she was not the one I described in my A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss blog) comes the above Calvin & Hobbes comic strip. I included it in the October 1991 issue - my third as editor.

That one panel where my name has been added, pretty much sums up my attitude then (and now) regarding people who ticked me off.

Sad but true. Still, it's a funny comic strip.

Andrew Joseph

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  1. Gotta love Calvin and Hobbes. I think we've all felt this way at some point.