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Saturday, September 15, 2012

China Enters Waters Claimed By Japan

Holy crap! China's not fooling around.

According to the latest news reports, China has sent surveillance ships into waters claimed by Japan's Senkaku Islands, or as the Chinese call them - MINE! aka the Diaoyu Islands out in the East China Sea.

Before you read any farther, my friend Matthew recommended some mood music... his was good, but here's a better choice, in my opinion. Play the video and continue to scroll down.

It's the classic Star Trek battle music... in this case Mr. Spock is being 'forced' to battle his Captain Kirk from the classic television show Star Trek. 

Six Chinese surveillance ships entered the disputed territorial waters on September 14, 2012, making damn near everybody wonder again if someone's on the eve of destruction.

According to China's Foreign Ministry, this act is merely a mission of "law enforcement over its maritime rights.

"It reflects our government's jurisdiction over the Diaoyu islands."

At the heart of the problem is the fact that there is supposed to be - under the waters - a potentially huge oil and gas reserve. Everyone is greedy. They could make a deal to share it, but no... it's come to seeing who has the biggest dick.

Hey! China! Japan! You're both big dicks. Put those away before you poke an eye out.

Luckily (?!), a typhoon is approaching the islands, so China withdrew its ships from within the 24-mile area around the islands.

According to the Japan Coast Guard (who may be rethinking the whole 'cool, safe job' thing), no force was used to make the Chinese leave (whew!).

Japan's prime minister Noda Yoshihiko (surname first) says: "We'll do our utmost in vigilance and surveillance."

I have no idea what that means, either. China has a butt-load of nuclear weapons, and is still pissed of at Japan for having arrested a Chinese sea captain back in 2010 after it bumped a Coast Guard cutter - oh yeah, and that whole invading and occupying China crap that occurred before WWII.

 Japan's Foreign Minsiter (not just a nameless statement), Gemba Koichiro (surname first) adds that Japan has lodge a protest with the Chinese government (So there!), stating that they should stop messing with Japan's territorial waters.

"I'd like to underscore that we should never let the situation escalate and we have strong hopes for the Chinese to respond in an appropriate and calm manner," he adds.

You can read another blog I wrote HERE offering more information about Japan, or it it just Tokyo, purchasing some of the islands from private Japanese citizens.

FYI (for your information), this past September 11, 2012, Japan finialized the sale of the islands after listening to Chinaa warning them that the purchase would 'breach China's sovereignty'. I think China meant it would 'piss them off' in non-governmental jargon.  

I'm waiting for one of Japan's allies to become involved in this Them versus USA, I mean Us pissing match.

More, when it happens...
Andrew Joseph

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