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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cool Packaging For Japan #1

The photo image above is of a Bankers box designed for The Conran Shop Japan, a business that sells some nice quality furniture, kitchenware, bed and bath and home accessories.

The box was designed by House Industries, located in Yorklyn, Delaware, U.S. A. House Industries is a type foundry.... which means they play with fonts, creating a look that, as evidenced by the photo above - stunning.

The corrugated (in layman's terms... fluted cardboard layered) box is a  Fellowes flexographic corrugationed Banjo H pattern model 703 Bankers Box, and was created exclusively for The Conran Shop Japan.

If you are a converter having to make these artisan boxes, you have your work cut-out for you. There are some (and I'll use some PR quotes): "stout serifs and spindly strokes around those bends, slots, scores and tucks required lots of cuttin’ and compin’".

It means that the machine operators have to ensure that the die-cutting on the corrugated flats is precise, because there are a lot of tabs that have to be folded correctly into slots to make this box stand out. 

Obviously the customer, The Conran Shop loved it, and even commissioned a mini-version of the banker's box so that they could send them out as an invitation for their Case Study Reception party at their Marunouchi location in Tokyo (see photo below).

Andrew Joseph

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