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Friday, September 21, 2012

First Photo Of Autumn

Whether it's a celebration of the first day of Autumn (named after the god Autumnus) or me being a bit burned out from a headache due to weather or everybody at work and at home being sick - except me, or just doing too much writing lately or just needing a breather... here is a photo of me surrounded by color.

Whether it's the fall colors of the leaves on the trees or those funkified striped jeans of mine there is a lot of to see.

Welcome to Autumn, November 21,  1992. I'm in Kyoto with Trish Pepper a foxy redhead who is not my girlfriend, but is indeed my girl friend. It's amazing how the separation - the space - between two words completely changes the meaning of things. Space... the final frontier. And I am forever trying to bridge that gap.

Ah me. The above photograph was indeed taken by Trish, who did a nice job framing me in the arbor of trees as I attempted to take a pee.

Okay, not really. I mean it's a nice frame job, and it is possible I needed to urinate, but there was no way I was going to become completely Japanese and pee in a public place like the Heian Jinju Gardens in Kyoto, which is where I am.

Over the next little while, I shall present photos of my trip to Kyoto with Trish the dish Pepper and provide a bit of background on the locale.

In the meantime, enjoy this lovely slightly out-of-focus photo of me before the nose job. I know... people who know me now are wondering how the hell my nose in 2012 is any better than the one from 1992. Twenty years ago, my nose ran and my feet smelled, while the more current one allows my nose to smell.

Just kidding... I was never a snot-nosed kid with a runny nose. I just enjoyed the wordplay of that joke.

Andrew Joseph 


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