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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Futuristic Map Of Japan In LEGO

I have no idea how the hell I missed this! Perhaps I was too self-absorbed in presenting my own LEGO creations about Japan.

Oh well... back on August 12, 2012, 5,000 kids in Japan helped create the whole country of Japan out of LEGO building blocks. Okay... they pretty much built everything months earlier and adults put it all together into one large diorama.

It's still bloody amazing.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of LEGO building blocks in Japan, LEGO created 'Build Up Japan' asking the kids they brought in from all over Japan to build the Japan they wanted to see for the future.

The result is jaw-dropping.

Back in March and April... each of the size different areas of Japan was built by kids from their area.Using some 1.8 million LEGO blocks, the result is what you see here... built out of white blocks, with onlmy a few recognizable structures utilizing color.

What a great diorama!

These pieces were then taken to Tokyo and reconstructed by LEGO experts...

All I can say is: If I had 1.8 million LEGO pieces, I'd need a new wife or girlfriend... but actually, if I had that many LEGO pieces and the individual talent of each of these kids, I am still sure I could not have built such wonderful models.  

Unfortunately, along with the lack of skill, I also only have 10s of thousands of LEGO pieces. Sad that my dream can't be fulfilled. LOL.

Andrew Joseph

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