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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's... A LEGO Godzilla Crushing A Bank Truck

My son, Hudson, came up with the idea of creating a LEGO diorama of a giant Godzilla foot crushing a truck.

So I did.

I used two different greens, and a bit of brown LEGO bricks to create an over-sized foot. I had some curved white blades which I made into talons and put one on the back of the foot ( a dew claw)... stuck on a couple of bits of seaweed.

The tricky part was making his foot sit at an angle - just barely touching the bank truck.

When making a diorama - even simple ones like I make, I feel that it is important to give it a bit of character.

It's why I added a fisherman screaming in terror as he is being dragged along by the Godzilla foot. It's why there is a busted fire hydrant spewing water upwards. It's why the bank truck has smashed into a mailbox... it's even why I made faux buildings as the background....

It's why I added the seaweed - so you know he just came out of the water (hence the fisherman). It's why I made Godzilla's talons curl at different angles.

It's also why I made Godzilla's foot coming down at an angle. That was a bit of tricky building, I don't mind saying.

I found a found LEGO piece that could rotate freely. I attached it to the building behind it. I then added a pair of hinges, in case I wanted to change Godzilla's foot placement from a straight upright position to one that angles to the left. The hinges attache to the underside of his foot - and out of camera. Even staring at the model, you'd be hard pressed to see that the foot is attached to the building wall.

The hinges were a necessary evil, by the way. I needed something to make an "L-shaped" bracket. It was all I had.  It works, but that foot had to be precisely balanced - even if it was a the tip of the foot touching the bank truck to lend it balance... to support the weight of the foot those hinges had to support. It worked.

Seriously... it took an hour to build from start to finish. I got lucky that every LEGO brick I put down worked to perfection.

As for the title... utilizing the word "It's..."  - that is an homage to the opening credits of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Click HERE for the last diorama I built, where you can also glance at a link to the rest of the dioramas. That should be it, as far as Japanese-related dioramas for now... well... I do have one more in mind... another miniature diorama. But that won't see the light of day for another week or so. 

Here's a few more pics of the Godzilla foot diorama.   

Andrew Joseph

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