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Monday, September 3, 2012

LEGO - A Self-Made Man

With time on my hands, I created a new 'image' for myself, that will remain the de facto image of me on this blog for a few months. I did take an interesting one of myself at the Air Show this afternoon, as I sat in the very hot Toronto sun watching jets roar overhead while my six-and-a-half-year-old son jumped all over me wrestling me.

Covered in sweat because I'm fat and covered in hair and had a kid lying on me like a blanket, I managed to miss most of the air show. Too bad because I love planes. I do have plans to create a blog detailing aviation history  - based initially on some tobacco cards I have from 1910) which I may get off my butt and start laying the ground work for. Actually, it's all written for the first set of 50 cards...  

Anyhow... last week... I made the image of myself on top. 

So I did it while he was away on vacation with my wife at the cottage her mom shares with her new husband of a year-and-a-half.

Me? My vacation was getting some piece and quiet at home alone with the dog, cat and Siamese Fighting Fish. I also had to work.

The last time I took three days off from work a few weeks ago, I spent half a day resolving an electronic newsletter. It's nice to feel needed, but gimmee a break.

Anyhow... aside from watching seasons 1-5 of Eureka, plus a Japanese movie or four, I built a few dioramas - the last bunch have been posted recently... and this one... oh yeah... if you look at the description of myself a way down below on the right... I've posted a new photo of myself... sitting behind a computer screen - scowling - but with a nice beard and long hair... none of which I have at the moment, but certainly did in Japan (sans the scowl, of course), with a Japanese-looking dragon with a globe in his mouth. I am working a keyboard and have a drink dangerously close to the keyboard... but that's about right. I'm also wearing a shirt in the photo with a nice red maple leaf on it. Canada, eh.

My name in Japanese: An-do-ryu Jo-se-fu translates into 'peaceful-leader-dragon help-world-walk'. The dragon part was key, as I lead no one, am not at peace, and have no idea how to help the world walk - but it sounded cool at the time I found the right kanji to make my own name - rather than the boring old katakana language which phonetically translates my name - but without meaning. Andrew means 'masculine' by the way.

I was also born in the year of the Dragon, which is what 2012 also is...

Andrew Joseph     


  1. I love the variety in the closeup. Especially the style of the globe contrasting with everything else.

    If you had a tiny cowboy hat, you can hang it on the dragon.

    Congratulations! Your mother-in-law is in her honeymoon phase. I predict peace and quiet for the near-future.

    1. Y'know what diego.a... I just noticed that 'myself' and the dragon both have scowls on our face. It must be because we can't help the world walk.