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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Miss Universe Japan Gave Me A Woody

A couple of days ago I received a Twitter tweet from Miss Universe Japan, Ms. Hara Ayako (surname first).

Yes, I did.

I had tweeted her a message a couple of days earlier asking her some question, and she responded.

She even called me 'Love'.

The most beautiful woman in Japan called me  'Love'. 

I have to state right off the top that I was standing at attention. Of course, I had just received an e-mail minutes earlier from another long-lost companion - equally as sexy, though not from Japan... so perhaps my 'attention' was merely a continuation.

Let's just say that despite the onslaught of work and crushing humiliation of the rest of time... it was a good week.

Briefly... here's a few notes about this blog: It's been doing quite well lately, as each successive month sees readership go upwards. I still lack a large number of followers, but that's okay. Google seems to like me when it comes to being an informative site for all things Japan and Japanese, so each day the hits that keep on coming are from people searching the world wide web looking for answers, and perhaps accidentally and perhaps not, stopping here for a spell.

Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife hit 40,833 visitors for the month of August 2012 alone, with August 9 getting 1,597 hits - an all-time high. This is quite good when you consider that as recently as January 2011 there were a total of 707 hits for the entire month - although to be fair, I did suspend publication for a while. One year ago in August 2011, we had a total of 9,851 hits.

Since just before the March 11, 2011 disaster, I have written and published something everyday, with 2012 the year I try and average two postings per day. So far so good... but I may have to increase my pace for this month of September. I must learn how to write in fewer words.

As for the obscene-ish title of this blog... I apologize for a slight deception. She may not have given it to me, but she did continue it for me.

I'm going back to presenting some more of what I started this blog for: adventures of my life in Japan - though I'll try and keep it witty. I'll still present all of the other news and views and facts and photos, of course. It's just that I felt a little bit sad an abandoned over the summer and didn't feel like writing about myself too much.

I've been working myself up to it for a couple of weeks now, and feel ready to properly contribute again to this blog.

Ah, crap. It's raining again at 1:30AM as I write this... I hope the patchwork roof work done yesterday passes the muster. I hate thunderstorms at night... but only because it freaks out my big, dumb dog Buster who will try and sleep on the bed  beside everyone (wife, cat, scared son and myself).

Cheers - and thanks very much for your continued reading. Any writer will tell you how much that means to them. And if they don't - they are either lying or covering up for the fact that no one is reading. Me... I don't lie.

Somewhere using a chocolate labrador as a duvet,
Andrew Joseph


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