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Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Title Page For Blog - In LEGO

I do a lot of things in LEGO. It helps me unwind.

This past week I decided I would create a banner for this blog - as the Scrabble one has been up for awhile.

So... here's a sneak peek at it... before it goes up in a 10 more hours or so... or less...

It contains elements of my stay in Japan... there's a large spider and web at the bottom, a Japanese school kid, a ninja doing kyudo (Japanese archery) on the bridge shooting at a target across the way with a big red heart on it like he was Cupid or something. There was a bicycle in the bottom right, but I've removed it from the photo with creative cropping... but it's in the photo below. Cool wood table top, eh?

And there in the middle are a cluster of three minifigures... three LEGO representations of people who are, whether they know it or not, are an important part of this blog... or why I continued to create stories on my life in Japan... as they were happening 22 years ago.

In the photo above... the scowling bearded dude with the long black hair... that's me - Andrew Joseph. The taller dude with the strawberry blond hair (I still says it's red), that is Matthew Hall. The smiling lady behind me - that's Ashley Benning.

We were all AET (assistant English teachers) on the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme - each starting in 1990, and excluding Ashley who left in 1992, we stayed until 1993... on the Programme. I believe Matthew was there until 1996.

I was going to put in other minifigures of people important to us... but perhaps that will be a snapshot for another day.

Why am I scowling? I didn't usually. It's just that this was the only face I had with a black, thin, good looking beard. That he is scowling is unfortunate, but that's what my friends Matthew and Ashley are there for.

Matthew is about 3-inches taller than me, so I made his minifig taller too... and we are both taller than Ashley.

Ashley lived one town over - Nishinasuno, but taught high school mostly at the Boys school in Ohtawara, and every once in a while at the Girls school. I volunteered my services there, but they feared I was less than honorable. I wonder who told?

Matthew lived in Ohtawara about a five-minute bike ride away from my place, but taught junior high school English at five schools outside the city limits.

Me? I had seven junior highs to teach at in the city. That's all there were back in 1990-1993.  Oh yeah - that minifig representation of mine... try finding a brown-faced LEGO character! Damn near impossible. I have a few, but they are all werewolves or natives in war-paint from the Pirates of the Caribbean series. I looked neater than those two styles. There are brown heads and hands in LEGO that are better representations... but I am unsure if they are currently being offered. I believe aside from Lando Calrissian (actor Billy Dee Williams) in Star Wars or Samuel L. Jackson's character Mace Windu ... everyone is yellow... okay, except for those who are a different color in the movies purchased by LEGO.

Hope you like it. I have another photo coming for ME - rather than the kid one down by my description of myself.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Wow... I look so suave and cool! Nice new logo pic. Or is that Lego pic?

    1. Damn right you look good. Ash, too. I figured you two were such a big part of me surviving the place, you needed better recognition. Ash may never see it, but she was important to me.
      I'm thinking of a LEGO group show of some of the people in Ohtawara with us. The trick will be to find the right faces and clothes... so pretty much everything. It's funny, but the one guy who always comes so easily to mind is the late Mr. Maniwa. Always. Such a character.

    2. Ahhh.....Maniwa-san: what a character!