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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Beauty Of Singapore

I had left off my travels in Japan with myself actually in Singapore for Christmas break of 1991. I had traveled there with my good friend James Dalton, who hailed originally from Stoney Creek, Ontario about an hour west of where I lived in Toronto.

By this time, I had been in Japan for about 1-1/2 years, and James just a 1/2, working on the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme. Me, living and working in Ohtawara-shi teaching junior high, and James in Mamada teaching English as well - both of us in Tochigi-ken.

James and I are/were woman-hungry, shy guys, both with a very above-average sense of humour, which despite this particular blog, has been shown to exist from time to time. We could be considered two fun-loving, idiots who were simply nice guys.

We had already been in Singapore for a couple of days and had adventures with some other guys we met along the way - but women... they might look at us and smile, but no one wanted to hang with us... I think though the real problems was that James and I were too similar. Yeah, yeah... I'm brown and he's white, but our taste in women was similar... at least in Singapore. I think we kept chasing the same woman when presented with options.

Singapore, pound for pound, had more breath-taking beautiful women in their city state than I had ever seen before in any other country... it was like they all drank this magic potion which turned the women into lithe angels.

Oh well... despite spending Christmas Eve in a transvestite bar - really, we had no clue when we entered, and it took us about five minutes to realize that all the she's were he's... and after being surrounded by these hot little men who wanted to dance with us, we made a quick exit after about 56 minutes of 'getting down' on the dance floor.

That's the thing with both James and myself. Yeah - hounds... but we don't have an issue with anyone else living their life the way they choose as long as no one gets hurt.

The transvestites knew we had wandered into their bar by mistake, and were vamping it up for us - perhaps in case we could be swayed... but they were all nice and we all had a good time, until James and I figured we should leave and see if we could find real women who would hang out with us.

We left and failed. Bar after bar... we stood and stared and tried to chat up the women, but nothing.

That's cool. We weren't in Singapore to get laid. We could do that easily enough in Japan. We were there to see the sights.

I should state that aside from the famous Singapore lion mermaid (Singapore is actually the 'Lion City', by the way) spewing water into the harbor, at this point in time there was very little that caught our eye. Well, perhaps the women. And maybe the men dressed as women. Tricky little bastards. Ha-ha!

Needless to say, after that experience we were wary of any woman we saw wearing a kerchief around their throat... which hides the male Adam's apple. That fact is presented so you can enjoy your trip to Singapore any way you see fit.

Next... James and I take a trip to Malaysia.

Somewhere dancing the night away,
Andrew Joseph
The photo of the Singapore merelion was taken by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen ( from Wikipedia Commons.

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