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Friday, September 14, 2012

This Goes To 11

Just because it's Matthew, I'm going to present a link.

Okay... It's really because it's Matthew and Spinal Tap.

The band, not the medical procedure.

For those of you young'uns out there, I'm talking about a fantastic mockumentary about a hard rock band called: This Is Spinal Tap, and it came out in 1984... oh my god... 28 effing years ago. No wonder you may never have seen it!!!

Look... just go out and rent a copy or pirate it... or steal a VHS tape from your grandpa... and watch the movie. It's a laugh a minute riot... BUT... not only is it funny... the music ain't half-bad, either!

It's all about the band Spinal Tap.

My favorite songs are:
Big Bottom
Sex Farm
Gimmee Some Money

My favorite moment in the movie was when my friend Mike W. yelled out, "Hey he's got a Rickenbacker bass!" and then someone else in the crowd yelled back: "No, it's not!"

Regardless of that, there are so many memorable moments from this movie! All of them worth remembering for how memorable they are.

Anyhow... as a fake band playing for 25 years all over the world, DKNG design + illustration got to thinking what a promo might look like for that time they played at Kobe Hall in Tokyo, Japan back in 1982!

Click HERE to see it.

You'll notice, that this goes to 11, see? Matthew picked that up from my blog - THIS ONE
Somewhere sniffing the glove,
Andrew Joseph 


  1. The greatest movies ever made:
    This is Spinal Tap
    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Apocalypse Now (1st half)

    Not necessarily in that order.

    1. I would add in Blazing Saddles and It's A Wonderful Life and not include your bottom two...
      Repo Man rules!!! I'm just a suburban punk!