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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fuji Pocket Watch

People who have been reading this blog for a while know that while I was in Japan, I actually wore two watches at the same time. One - the Seiko - was set to Japan time (I lived in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken), and the one on my right wrist - a Donald Duck watch (lost in a river in Thailand by a woman who would soon enough be my ex-girlfriend) - was set to EST Toronto time (where I am from). I only wore a single watch after that. It was stupid of me, after all.

I have about 12 watches now. Each one means a lot to me. I have my first Timex given to me when I was 7 - it still works... I have a Burger King Star Wars giveaway watch I was wearing when my son was born nearly seven years ago. I have a lighter-watch that once set fire to my arm hair in a bar as I tried to suavely light a woman's cigarette (strangely, she wasn't impressed!). And, a couple of Vancouver Expo '86 watches... but my true favorite, is a gold pocket watch I bought about 25 years ago. It's nothing special - it's about 90 years old, but it's cool because it's my first pocket watch. 

So... while referencing Japanese watches, I came across the watch in the photo above on the Bogoff Antique Watches website.

It's a beautiful watch. It is - in the words of the site: Fine and very scarce Waltham gunmetal Toledo-style case with inlaid gold scenes of Mt. Fuji and a temple on the other side, circa 1904. White enamel dial with black and red markings and blued steel hands. Nickel 7 jewel movement. It's value: $2,750. 

And... just to show I'm not just blowing hot smoke - which I might occasionally do - here are a few of my watches in the photo below. Nothing fancy, or very expensive... but I like'em.

Andrew Joseph

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