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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Godzilla Versus The Super Snake

Relax pilgrim, this ain't your typical monster movie, though it does involve two two very nasty cars going head-to-head on the dynometer and on the track.

Welcome, in this corner, from Japan... Nissan's powerful GTR, nicknamed Godzilla.

And, it's squirmin', well-known cousin, the U.S. Shelby GT 500 Super Snake... a new version of the classic Cobra that ruled the streets for decades.

Topping out at 412 horsepower, Godzilla will be in tough to survive the awesome might of the 635 horsepower Super Snake.

Check out the Motor Trend Magazine report to see who shall prevail! 

Now... from what I have been able to determine, some of the older GTR's came stock with a 330 HP engine, but for a mere $2000, you could have it tuned to roar out at 750 HP. In fact, some people have topped them out at 1000 HP. Nobody, I know, of course.

Regardless... in this drag race, this is a 2010 GTR, and it was stock with the 412 HP.

Is size everything? Or is it the motion in the ocean? We're not sure what that has to do with cars, but it sounds desperate enough to be a euphemism for something else.

Anyhow... I visited Nissan Canada's website and saw the 2013 GTR. That bastard has a 545 HP twin turbo V6 engine  - it offers 545 HP at 6400 rpms! Holy crap! That's it in the photo at the very top. Anyhow... should you be interested in more specs, visit HERE. And... if you are thinking of buying one, Nissan Canada's website does not offer a base price for one of those (it does for every other one of it's great cars, though), making me think that if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it.

No kidding. I'd drive it once and lose my license.

Andrew Joseph

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