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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Playing The Blog Numbers

Greetings... with the end of September 2012, Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife continues to grow in readers - not members - readers.

The number of hits for the month was an astounding 43,685. Compare that 2011 and the 20,292 hits that were garnered - and that was an anomaly... as the average before and after that month was around 9,000 hits. I had 40,833 in August of 2012, and it was a day longer...

So I'm happy.

And yet... I am confused. I try to present some damn fine information on things historical or interesting, and they get 100 hits or so... but I write about tits or prostitutes - and blammo - 5,000 hits. I actually have seven blog articles with over 6,000 hits apiece!

Oh well... I figured they would be popular because who doesn't like to read about women engaging in illegal activities?

Which brings me to the other blog I write - How To Survive Women... which since the recent Olympics has been doing quite well...

I started that blog in October of 2011... one year ago, and have seen readership go up for the whimsical, serious and joking look at men, women and the parts in between. From 700 hits that first month, to 2,300 just yesterday.

It's kicking Japan's ass.

Between the two blogs, I get about 3,700 hits a day... okay, that's assuming the 2300 hits on HTSW continues. It shouldn't. Last month I finally averaged 1,000 hits a day, compared to around 1,300 for JIAWR.

The Olympics gave me close to 1,600 hits per day as I compiled naughty photos of actual Olympic athletes.

So... what's an honest blogger to do? Porn... or at least sex and sexy women gets hits. I know that. You know that... but damned if I want to completely give in to that.

It's why Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife isn't about sex. All the time, that is. If the shoe fits, wear it... which is why I sometimes bring interesting titbits, I mean tidbits to you. I suppose I could do that at least once a week... Maybe I should create a schedule: Monday - sexy whatever; Tuesday - science; Wednesday - history; Thursday - photo; Friday - politics; Saturday - my diary; Sunday - miscellaneous.

Would that help? I already know what gives me the most hits...

Or, should I just keep you guessing? I think I prefer that. Not knowing what I am going to write when I write it is what keeps me interested. Besides... who wants to wait until a certain day to provide you with something in particular?

Oh well... thanks for reading... all the blogs... You Know What I Hate still gets a fair bit of mail and I haven't written a blog for it in two months!

I guess I should stop belly-aching and get back to writing. It's been a hectic past month around here thanks to work and new 'kid-sitting' schedule (wife has night school) and I have been a bit lax in providing content. I better get off my ass and start writing more.

Thanks for listening, and reading,
Andrew 'that blogger guy' Joseph

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