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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tokyo Governor Quits

This just in - FLASH! - Tokyo's embattled governor Ishihara Shintaro has announced he is stepping down as governor of Japan's largest city, Tokyo, in order to form a new rightwing, nationalist party.

Of course... you will recognize that Ishihara was the one who kind of sparked the ongoing battle Japan has now with China over a bunch of floating rock and dirt in the southwest part of the country.

Ishihara says that in anticipation of having a fully functioning political party up and running for the next August 2013 elections, his platform will revolve around fixing Japan's political and economic problems.

Cool. I suppose the time is right for Japan to elect a nationalist who wants to fix all that is wrong with the country - much the same way Hitler wanted to do a few wars ago. Of course, the possibility of war with China will fuel the Japanese economy... and death and destruction, too.  War has a funny way of doing both things very well. Yeesh.

I'm not in Japan feeling the pulse of the average Joe Suzuki, so I have no idea if Japan has breadlines (sorry, ricelines) and massive unemployment and is forced to burn money rather than pay for fuel to heat their homes - BUT, there is always a possibility that Ishihara could win... after all... the Japanese tend to be quite proud of themselves and their heritage.

I don't think there is anything wrong with being proud of their country. The Middle East does that and thows in some old tyme religion to boot.  The US does it and tosses in some old tyme religion, too... sure... look at your money and see how it says in God We Trust. Which God? Ah... there's the rub.

Canada has little nationalistic pride - except when talking about hockey - and I wish we had more. But... Isihihara could be the man who pulls Japan into a nationalistic frenzy.

Or... he just met some people who want to pay him a crazy amount of money to lead a new political party that secretly has their own hidden agenda.

Or... Ishihara means well and actually has a plan to bring Japan back to the heights of the 1960s when the US  fueled its recovery after bombing the crap out of it in WWII. See... war can be profitable.  

Japan won't go to war. China might. But Japan's allies will help out, like the US. A number of economies are counting on it.

Anyhow... enough soapbox crap. Check out the story on Ishihara's resignation written up by The Guardian: HERE.

Andrew Joseph

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