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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Business As Usual For Suzuki Canada

Suzuki Canada Inc. has announced despite the announcement earlier by its affiliate, American Suzuki Motor Corp., of its decision to focus its operations on the long-term growth of its motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle and marine divisions by winding down and discontinuing new automobile sales in the continental US, Suzuki Canada has no current plans to discontinue new automobile sales in Canada.

While American Suzuki’s realignment of its operations will be achieved through a restructuring of its operations under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code, Suzuki Canada is not contemplating any form of court-supervised restructuring in Canada.

“Suzuki’s customers can confidently continue to purchase new vehicles, obtain service, parts and accessories and take full advantage of Suzuki Canada’s warranty program,” says Bill Porter, senior vice-president, automobile sales & marketing, Suzuki Canada.  “Suzuki Canada, including its Automotive Division, remains fully open for business in Canada, and will be honoring all customer commitments.

“While Suzuki Canada will continue to monitor market conditions in light of the US filing, we have no current plans to change Suzuki Canada’s operations as a result of the events in the US,” Porter states.

“Suzuki Canada remains proud of the upcoming 2013 model year for new  automobiles, which will continue uninterrupted as planned”.

Excellent news for Canada - but let's see some cars that look different from everyone else!

Andrew Joseph

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