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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Canada Throws Rocks At Japan

It's true. Canada did indeed throw rocks at Japan - about 200-million years ago.

Japanese scientists have found traces of Iridium at levels of 50 to 2,000 times the usual level within samples of a Japanese river.  Iridium and other members of the Platinum family of elements are considered evidence of a meteor strike. 

Situated in Gifu-ken (Gifu Prefecture) in Central Japan, Kisogawa (Kiso River) seems to possess evidence of having received some fall out from a massive meteorite strike that hit Canada (Quebec, specifically) oh so long ago and kicked debris into the area of what is now Japan.  

The Kiso river bed was actually part of a seabed formed 215-million years ago.

That Quebec meteor in Manicougan (that's it in the image above) ...  it's one of the largest to ever hit the planet... about three-miles (4.8 kilometers) wide, impacting and causing a 62-mile (99.8-kilometer) wide crater.

Here's an English news report posted on You Tube from NHK World on the interesting discovery.

Andrew Joseph

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