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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Men Dump Co-Workers Body In Company Storehouse

Hell... even the workplace is fraught with danger!

Five men in Sanjo, Niigata-ken have turned themselves in to police saying they dumped a fellow company employee's body into a company storehouse.

While the dead man's name has not been released - nor the company where the body was disposed off, the police have arrested the five men  - initially on suspicion of unauthorized disposal of a corpse.

This blog should state that no one is actually saying that the victim worked at the company where the body was found, however.

According to police who verified the body on the premises, the victim's face had some swelling, indicative of a beating... or a fall...

Regardless... the men did try to hide the body.

An autopsy will try and establish cause of death.   

I'll see what else I can find on this interesting story.

Andrew Joseph

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