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Friday, November 2, 2012

Nestle Japan Offers Strange Kit Kat Flavored Chocolate Bar

The interesting thing about other countries is that they often have their own versions of familiar looking things the rest of the world has.

Take for example the humble Kit Kat bar.

See that bar up above in the interesting paperboard package with a lid? That's Nestle's flavored Kit Kat And it's not just any old flavored Kit Kat. This one is Rum & Raisin flavor.

Yes... it still has its trademark crispy wafer covered in chocolate, but either catering to collectors of the weird, or just to the Japanese market, Nestle Japan Kabushiki Gaisha has determined that for a limited time only Japanese tastebuds will probably go ga-ga over a rum & raisin flavored chocolate bar.

And... am I going crazy? But is that a photo of white chocolate on the package? That means it actually doesn't have chocolate in it! Boooo. maybe I'm wrong. 

I have no idea who does their market research, but I'm guessing they aren't sober.

The gift box, pictured above is not a single chocolate bar - no! This actually holds 12 Kit Kat bars... but I'm guessing they aren't the same size as the typical bars found here in Canada and the U.S.  

For your edification, the package is actually:
  • Wide: 20 centimeters (7.9 inches)
  • Height: 12 centimeters (4.7 inches)
  • Thickness: 1.5 centimeters (0.6 inches)
The regular Kit Kat chocolate bars (see image below) are already one of the favorite nice, light snacks in Japan. As such, I can see Nestle Japan trying to capitalize on that much the same way Coke and Pepsi do with their strange and limited edition fizzy beverages.
My hands are more manly and I sure as hell don't open a regular Kit Kat package that way!

But rum & raisin flavor? It better have alcohol in it!

Wait a minute! It does!

Each Kit Kat Rum & Raisin bar contains 0.056% alcohol! Here ya go, kiddies! Have fun unlearning at school today. 

This is a real Nestle Japan product, and, if you are lucky, you can probably contact them and have it shipped to you any where in the world where alcoholic chocolate bars are not prohibited.Since I'm sure I can't afford the shipping, I have no idea what it really tastes like... but rum & raisin? I know they used to make that flavor of ice cream (and I tasted a bowl my mom had once), but I'm pretty sure all of the people who used to eat it are dead now from old age. My mom is dead.

Now... Nestle Japan... perhaps a Kit Kat Rum & Coke flavor... ?

Andrew Joseph

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