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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Today, November 8, 2012 is my 48th birthday.

I must say that being 47 sucked on a personal level, and yet - thanks to all of you loyal readers, it didn't suck that badly.

I have watched the hits grow from 9,265 last November to an astounding 43, 265 at the end of October. That's very cool and it makes me happy to know that I may have provided some measure of information to a few of you.

As usual, women and sex-related blogs are doing well, but lately, I have been relieved to see that blog articles not related to sex are doing well, too... especially if it's about Godzilla.

As such, I should probably get to work on some blogs about Godzilla having sex. Won't that be orgasmic?

Anyhow, continued kudos to loyal readers such as Matthew, Mike, Rob, Em and Caroline who seem to read darn near everything, and even if they don't, they say they do. Kidding. They try to, and that helps. It makes it all worthwhile.

On another note, my How To Survive Women blog has gone from 804 hits in November of 2011 to 50,770 hits this past October and continues to rise with each month. Hmmm... I guess people like to read about sex almost as much as they like having sex. At least I hope so.

Like I said... Godzilla having sex... everyone wins!

About 10 days ago, I joined a website called StoryLane where they want writers to add stories about themselves. I have 513 stories up, including 500 old blogs from Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife, because, let's face it, this blog has been a big part of my life.

As well as posting Japan blogs, I have also posted some fictional short stories I wrote AND some non-fictional stories about myself. Not bad stuff, if I don't say so myself... but I am, so I guess the point is moot. I actually have over 600+ followers, so it's cool that so many people think I have something interesting to share.

I do, so these people are correct!

I'm allowed to have a little bit of an ego on my birthday. If they don't like it - let them eat cake. I assume there will be cake.

Anyhow... thanks for reading and supporting me. Did you know that when I tell people at work how many hits I get every day, they tell me to sell ads. If I was doing this to make money, I would. I do this for ego and fun.    

Andrew Joseph

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