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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Japanese Bra Sizes

I like bras. Mostly I like them strewn across the room - but as a clothing optional article of lingerie, they add an air of sexiness.

It's just me (I suppose), but I'd much rather see a woman fully dressed in fishnet stockings than completely naked because lingerie only enhances the whole sexual experience... of course that predicates that I am getting sex out of it, but let's not nitpick.

The bra.

Rather than examine what makes a bra sexy, let's look instead to how Japan seems to have a different measurement for its bras.

First off... having a large number in the chest measurement department isn't nearly as important as the actual cup size.

Being smaller in stature, a woman with a 32 D chest looks larger than someone who is a 44 B.

The number represents the measurement around the chest, the cup measures the breast. Got it? Good. I know I am simplifying things...

Now... in Japan, even though they measure in metric (using centimeters) versus the classic Imperial measurement in inches - no big deal... just convert - the Japanese have a slightly different measurement in cup sizes.

I saw a photo of a Japanese AV (adult video) star implying she had an F cup. Really? It looked like a D maybe.

I suppose it could because they are inflating their charms to add to their charm, but I've discovered there is a less nefarious reason. 

Now... I'm actually pretty good a picking out cup sizes. It's a gift that becomes more and more useless as I get older, but I still know what it is I am looking at and hoping to grope.

But here's the thing. Japanese cup sizes are smaller than their western counterparts.

From what I have learned, there is only supposed to be a one cup difference... but it's not. It's more than that.

A Japanese D-cup should be a western C... but in reality it might be a B or a B+.

Why the discrepancy? The numbers were altered to match the population... perhaps to better feed the ego. It's one of those reasons why I think all women's clothing is in a completely alien sizing range, with super models being a size 0, and the average woman being - I don't know, an 8... whatever... I haven't figured that out.

So... in Japan... the average cup size is a B+ to C if we are talking in western terms.

In Japan, women tend to push a bit more flesh into the bra to make it look like it's bigger. I read that somewhere.

Western women will just get a bra that fits, more or less, the actual breast size. Obviously, the more flesh you have (IE, if you are a bit more heavy-set), the more flesh you can squish into the cup.

So.. a 70-centimeter chest with a D-cup in Japan is really a 32-inch chest with a C-cup... and it might actually be a 32-B+ if she wore a bra without trying to stuff extra flesh into it (to wear it in a manner more similar to their western counterparts) .

So... yes... Japanese women have a different sizing for bras AND, they wear their bra in a different manner from the west.

In Japan - once there, I knew what it was I was getting into. I had always jokingly described my ideal woman as an Asian redhead with big tits and that I had always found two out of three while in Japan.

But... I never played that way. I had numerous girlfriends with what I would describe in westernized measurements as B+ cup sized... some as an A+, a few Cs and one or two D's and definitely one DD.

But whatever. They would tell me they were an F-Cup, and I would just laugh inside my head, thinking that they don't think I'm smart enough to know the truth... like I even cared.

However, it turns out they were telling the truth and I really wasn't smart enough to know the difference.

Now we all know. Don't make the same mistake I did. Not that I made a mistake. I used to nod and smile and thropw the damn bra across the bedroom to sit in a crumpled mass in the corner of the tatami mats.

Okay... all this talk of breasts has made me... breathy... that's not the right word, but I didn't want to write down the word 'horny'.


Andrew Joseph
PS: the photo above shows the lovely Nakayama Erisa (surname first), a Race Queen (promotes racing events) and a Triumph Bra model.


  1. Good article, cleared up some stuff for me!

  2. "in Japan, even though they measure in metric (using centimeters) versus the classic Imperial measurement in inches - no big deal"

    For your information, imperial system is used ONLY in the US, Burma and Liberia. There is nothing classical about it (in fact, imperial system was first introduced in France earlier than imperial system in Britain, and the latter later realized its inferiority) and you can't be seriously shocked that outside the U.S. (plus Burma and Liberia), everywhere everything is in metric.

    "In Japan, women tend to push a bit more flesh into the bra to make it look like it's bigger. I read that somewhere."

    In Japan, it is highly impolite and inappropriate to show even a small part of the breast flesh in public, therefore the bras are designed to cover them completely or nearly completely.

    1. Agreed, about the imperial-metric system part. People from imperial system-using countries really shouldn't be shocked by and/or find negatively the metric system.

  3. Nice pics. Thank you for enlightening me about bra sizes.

  4. One of the things about women's clothing that I found out many years ago is that the more expensive the clothing the lower the size number for the exact same actual size piece of clothing.

    If you are a woman and want to feel better about yourself?
    Spend more money!

    Truly Evil Genius at work.

  5. Do you know what band sizes they wear?
    You are wrong to think that there is a standard 'D' cup. It's incorrect and untrue. The breast sizes truly depend on the band sizes (30,32,36, etc). The bigger the band size, the bigger the breast volume, all under the same measurement cups.

    Cups represent how much bigger the breasts are than the rib cage

    It may not be that bras in Japan are much different than in the west, you had a wrong idea of what each breast cups look like. Also, don't forget the fact that Japanese women are likely to have smaller ribcage/band sizes & are more petite, which thus affects the size of the F cups.

    Pictures of F cups in smaller band sizes:

    Your lack of knowledge and jumping to conclusions regarding this issue is unsettling, Please do NOT share information without legit knowledge and accuracy. Spreading of imprecise & wrong information is dangerous and harmful.

  6. "look woody..oppai~ oppai everywhere~"

    i prefer pettanko (small chest) girl.

    1. Yeah... I don't even care about boobs. Big, small, whatever.

  7. I'm sorry but please do your research about how bra sizes work before publishing something like this.
    As another commenter said, the cup volume sizes differ depending on the band size. Did you know that 28D and 34A are the same volume (both 310cc)???

    Since Japanese girls are tiny, the band sizes they are wearing are probably either 60 or 65 Japanese size (28 and 30 US sizes respectively). 60F (28 DDD US size) size boobs are only as big as 34C = 36B = 38A (480 cc).

    I think that majority of Japanese men prefer 28F over 36DDD.