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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Japanese Subway Train Station Safety

After mentioning that I had done a few stupid things in Japan - I thought I would also share about the time in Toronto I ran between subway stations... one kilometer in distance... late one Saturday night when I was 18-years-old.

What a stupid and asinine thing to do. While I knew that there was about a 10-minute lag between trains - and that there is enough room on the side to flatten myself against if a train should go by (I have seen workers do that)... but I could have tripped and fallen, sprained an ankle, twisted a knee, knocked myself out  - whatever.

This is the benefit of age. If the young are lucky enough to survive into true adulthood (I think that happens the first time you actually grunt and then sigh when you move to sit on a couch), you gain wisdom and can at the very least offer guidance to those who think they are impervious to harm like Superman.

Well... just recall that Superman can get messed up by magic and various colors of kryptonite, not to mention the on-again off-again charges of romance with Lois Lane.

So... with that all in mind, I would like to share with you a video I watched today, created by Tokyo Tom Baker, who looks and sounds to me like he has also achieved couch grunting with a sigh. No offense, kid, if you aren't.

Anyhow, Tom takes a look at how Japan has begun to use a safety feature at some of its train stations to better protect the transit rider. The video is good even if the audio isn't, still Tom did add a few subtitles, and to be honest, you will see what it is that Japan is doing.

I also like how Tom confronts possible opposition to the Japanese proposal...

Check out Tom's blog HERE.  

Unh, yeahhhh... that's some good blogging, Tommy old boy.

And... for the record... having traveled around this world a bit, I do recall that many a country's trains stations have driverless trains that stop in the same spot at every station, making proper door access possible, and making safety wall features a reality.

Where? Crap. Now that I'm on the spot, exact locations escape me...  Las Vegas, USA monorail, I think. Singapore, I think. Kobe Japan, I think (maybe). Whatever... I am sure they exist. A little help, people?

Andrew Joseph    

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