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Friday, June 7, 2013

Battle Of Midway - 1947 US Navy Book

I present this merely as a courtesy - a U.S. Navy Booklet called: The Japanese Story Of The Battle of Midway, presented in June of 1947.

When I say courtesy, I mean I would be doing a dishonor to try and sum up something so huge in a blog.

I have a link below to the booklet above.. about the June 4-7, 1942 Battle Of Midway between Japanese and U.S. forces - from the U.S. Navy Department Library.

If you would like to read what the U.S. naval forces thought about, planned and actually did during the Battle of Midway against Japanese Imperial forces, then this is excellent reading.

It's not a history book. It's bullet points. It read quickly.

But... since we all know that history is written by the winners, I personally would advise that there are always two sides to every story, and leave it at that.

Does the U.S. accurately portray its mistakes? What mistakes? Exactly.

Regardless... the data contained within is fantastic.

Thank you Matthew for sending this to me.

Here's the link: MIDWAY

Andrew Joseph


  1. Wow! You might enjoy a book titled JAPANESE DESTROYER CAPTAIN. It is a good read by the only destroyer skipper to go through the entire war in that capacity and survive. He sank several ships and at least three submarines. He has some interesting comments on Japanese naval aviation. Did you know that pilots for the Imperial Navy were picked from the lowest of naval academy graduates? He talks about a carrier that was needlessly sunk because its skipper was a line officer that did not understand the tactics of carrier ops. He also took issue with Isoroku Yamamoto and the way he handled the Combined Fleet. Give it a read if it sounds interesting to you? Find it on Amazon.


    1. Hi Jon - that does indeed sound like a good read. Thanks!