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Friday, June 14, 2013

Man Caught In Sewer Peeping Up At Panties

It's wrong on so many levels, isn't it?

This past June 6, 2013 in Hyogo-ken, was arrested after he was previously spotted lying face up in a street gutter - under the grilled gutter - trying to peep up women's skirts, hoping to catch a glimpse of panties, panties panties!

Hirai Yasuomi, 26, was arrested for violating the Nuisance Prevention Bylaw - that actually refers to groping in public... and luckily for all involved, he did not argue the charge.

On June 5 at 10:10AM, he opened up a street gutter grill and crawled about "10s of meters" along its grimy pathway in Morikita-machi. Hirai admitted to peeping up at women's dresses and skirts.

The sewer is along a roadway leading to Konan Women's University - so he had ample targets.

The sewer itself was about 35 centimeters wide and had a depth of 50 centimeters.

As an aside, just how skinny is this guy?! I am just going to say there is no way in hell I could squeeze my way into a stupid situation like that. Aside from having a well-adjusted brain and all the porn I need on-line, I'm just too big.

So... how did he get caught? It's metal grill sewage covers... if you can see out of it, people can see into it. Apparently a woman told police she saw someone's eyes through the holes.

The peeper, however, was no longer in position by the time police arrived... but because Hirai was already known to police because of suspicious behavior around the scene of the crime, he was questioned, and he confessed readily.

How did they know of Hirai already?

Police sort of came up to him one day after seeing him nosing around a street gutter (in the same area)... he was down low, with his head down looking through the grill.... the police asked him what he was doing, and Hirai responded he had dropped something down there and was looking for it... I assume that was made-up.

At least the police did their due-diligence and took down some information - because it's obvious they didn't believe him - and were able to pick him up immediately when the report came in of a suspected peeping Tom. To-mu?

Now... I'm just guessing here, because I might actually look at a woman, turn to look at a woman, or go and talk to a woman, but if a guy like this Hirai-dude is horny enough to crawl into a Japanese sewer just so he could peep up at women's panties as they walked over him, I'm guessing he was sporting a bit of wood (a hard-on, if I must use the correct term)... it's just lucky he didn't get his weenis caught on the grill as he tried to pull himself to 'safety'.

At least, if I was that guy, I would like to think that that would happen... but I'm not that guy - thank goodness. I would imagine that when the police were looking for him, the sewer stains on his clothing would also have given him away.

Just a sad situation, folks. Sad, sad, sad.

Luckily no one was hurt. And luckily this guy was caught. If this was his first time doing something like that - great... because next time it might have been something more desperate... and then more dangerous... and then... well... you know... when people start pushing the envelope, they eventually start getting into wilder or more dangerous situations for all involved... just so they can get their rocks off.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Haha, I saw this on the news the other day. What is he a first grader, trying to get a look up skirts? He probably had about half a second to look at each girl too. Just buy a DVD if youre that desperate.

    1. DVD or go on-line... plenty of free stuff there.
      To me it really is the first step towards actual physical contact - so I'm glad they got this guy off the streets... or out from under them.