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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weirdest Places You Have To Visit In Japan Before You Die

Sometimes a blog is so well-presented that I would be doing a disservice to rip it off, er... I mean, re-present it here.

In that vein, let me present, who has taken the time to offers us the 10 Strange Japanese Places That Are Worth A Visit: HERE.

I decided to go for a million-billion times more hyperbole with my absolutely senses-shattering headline.

You might think that my headline contains a trace of redundancy, but I checked by calling the Department of Redundancy Department. I forget what they said. It was so unimportant in its importance as to be unimportant in the grand scheme of importance. 

Regardless... it is true that some of the places listed aren't worth visiting after you die, so please, I urge you, visit them all before you die.

You only have one life - unless you are a Hindu or a cat - so you should visit these places. Do it now!

Or... you can just read about it that blog and snort wistfully at your lack of funds or marital status that prevents you from checking out the real thing.

最高の人生の見つけ方... The Bucket List...

Andrew Joseph

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