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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Welcome to Hooters Japan

Check out the photo above from Jeff Richards plumbed from Japan Today(!

Here we see hooters, I mean Hooters staff... or are they cheerleaders?... who the fug cares... posing in that classic 'nyah-nyah-nyah-I'm-too-sexy-for-you-Andrew-sensei' stance during the opening of its new beer garden perched up high in Otemachi, Tokyo.

The even took place on Tuesday June 18, 2013... and apparently along with the chesty Hooters staff (there MUST be a joke there somewhere!), you can apparently get food and drinks at this place. Hooo knew?

Now... on to a more pressing matter that's bothering me...  I have no idea why only one of the Japanese Hooters chicks has black hair. This is Japan, right? Homegenous black hair et al...

I can see a lot of "Osaka-bad-girl red" hair... and a couple of women with brown hair (maybe the "Osaka-bad-girl red" hair dye didn't adhere properly)... but, where's the black? Look... I love a nice red hue, brunette and blonde, but I also love black hair... don't ignore your heritage Japan just because you work for an American business... don't ignore your roots.

There... I finally said it... a joke I have been holding onto for nearly 2,000 blogs. Hmmm... It seems so anti-climatic now... 

As for my chauvinistic chatter (we are talking about Hooters)... just know that hooters is a slang term for owls... and owls are birds, and I believe baby owls are called chicks... what? Owlets? What the hell are you talking about? I just want one of the Hooters chicks to sit on my lap and tell me I'm kowai. I know I'm cute... what?... kowai means 'creepy'? I thought it meant cute? Kawai means cute? So... I'm kowai? ... But in a cute way, right?

What the hell is wrong with Japan to make the words cute and creepy sound so similar?

What's that? Hooters also has another meaning? The female mammalian protuberances? Those fatty fun bags? It can't mean that? How are they related to owls? Owls eat small mammals and don't appear to be much fun - wise but not fun.      

Oh well... let's just all look at the photo above and wish someone would hurry up and get us a beer to drown our sorrows.... sorrows like: why we aren't dating a hot chick who could work at Hooters?

Someone get down there - Mike! - and let me know how the service is and what team they are cheering for.

Cheers and give a hoot, don't pollute
Andrew 'woodsy' Joseph


  1. Haha! Nice! Something was lost in translation!

    1. Yes... the first time I was called creepy was by a third-year Jr.-High student (15 yes old or so)... I said: You think I'm cute? Thank-you?
      She said not kawai... kowai... another girl student smacked her in the back of her head apologized and bowed on her behalf. I asked her what kowai meant, but she was nice enough not to say... so I looked it up. Destroyed me for decades... I can still picture her face as she said it.