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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chivalrous Douchebaggery

Hello readers,

In this space last night,  some brave anonymous person posted a comment in a blog entry I wrote some eight months ago. They called me an 'expletive' douchebag... expletive taking the place of the actual swear word.

The blog in question is this one HERE.

The comment has been deleted by me.

Now... I deleted that comment, not because I'm afraid of him or her, but rather because the nasty name-calling was done using swearing. No naughty words, please.

Since this was written eight months ago, I had to re-read the blog just now to see just what I had done to upset my expletive commenter.

I read it, re-read it and I still have no idea.

Perhaps they were unable to see how I sarcastically wrote that the yakuza boss was being chivalrous.

I don't really think the yakuza are chivalrous.

While I have always wanted to be the bad guy, I'm too goody-goody to be that bad man. That doesn't really mean I want to be a yakuza or get tattoos... this blog was my somewhat creative way (via a true story) of pointing a finger at the ridiculousness of wanting to be a tough mob guy who want to be known as being chivalrous.

Granted the yakuza and even Italian yakuza have been nice to me. They have also helped out people after the tsunami/earthquake. But, let's not forget that they are essentially considered to be a criminal organization. Or so I have heard. I have no personal proof of that.

So... what was my expletive commenter ragging on about? Who cares? While I know that not everyone wants their name to be seen (and I have no issue with those of you who wish to maintain your anonymity), when you are writing something foul-mouthed and blasphemous, at least have the fortitude to say who you are. On the Internet cowards hide behind anonymity.

I've said nothing wrong in this blog. Nothing for me to apologize for anyway.

Perhaps in some other blog entry... but nothing here.

Whatever. The expletive commentator's point wasn't clear as to why I am an expletive douchebag, so I can only assume they lack the skills to express a proper opinion without being rude or crass.  

People... if I have offended you over something and you want to write in - feel free. Keep it clean and explain why you are upset or how I have misinformed and provide information to back it up.

I'm a big boy. I can accept criticism.  It helps me grow.

And should you not like that and be able to act in a sensible manner and citizen of Earth, just know that I have nasty skills on this whole Inter-web thingy, and can forensically backtrack any freaking IP address I want. It's easy. I've done it on three other occasions not related to this blog.

So... as I said... if I have upset you, tell me why. Just recently, a classy Brit took the time to tell me how I was wrong on a comment I made, and hopefully I corrected it and apologized.

Expletive douchebag? Sure. I can be. But at least have the courtesy to tell me why I am one.

Andrew Joseph

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