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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Feeling Good

As mentioned… some 20 years after the fact… whenever I sit down to write about Noboko, the memories come flooding back. It's not a bad thing or a good thing, it's just a thing.
For that brief moment in time, my life in Japan revolved around my relationship with Noboko. That this moment in time also coincided with the ending of my three-year contract with the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme, it was either merely coincidental or a true harbinger of events.
At this time, I don't know which it is… and I won't know until I finish writing about it.
Meanwhile… It's April… it's 1993, and I am currently in my large, westernized apartment in the smallish city of Ohtawara-shi in Tochigi-ken, Japan.
Although I am not by any stretch of the imagination a ladies man, it is only since arriving here that I have been accused of being a player.
If chatting up and having as much sex with women makes one a player, then mea culpa.
Until I arrived in Japan a few months shy of my 26th birthday in 1990, I had only one woman I could consider to be a real girlfriend, and woe is me, afterwards I still maintained a virginal relationship with myself. That all changed 48 hours after arriving in Japan, where I quickly learned that despite being a shy, quiet nerd - there must have been something in the water here that made me seem desirable to the opposite sex… and I quickly got over my shyness.
Flash forward three years to 1993 and 20+ women later, again, and on my second date with Noboko, just as she is about to leave my place after a meal she cooked, I have just asked her to spend the night - even though she has a curfew imposed upon her by her father.

Noboko looked at me with her warm, brown eyes, placed her arms around my neck and pulled me down towards her and kissed me long and soft - tongue dancing around my mouth like sugarplum fairies in some Christmas operetta.

"An-do-ryuuuuuu," she said before reaching up and biting my lip, holding onto it for a couple of seconds. "I want to stay. But I have to go. My father…"

"That's okay, beautiful," I interrupted. "I wouldn't want you to get in trouble with your dad."

And that's when I blew it.

Noboko reached up and kissed me hard on the lips, and… to be honest, I couldn't take much more, so I reached down under her bum cheeks and grunted lightly as I lifted up her 100-pound frame.

I had my eyes open, but Noboko kept hers closed, as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

I knew I wasn't going to go any farther, even though mini me was screaming obscenities at my cowardice, so to quell that inner voice, I pressed her up against the hallway wall, holding her there, as I pressed myself up against her.

She gasped a little… it's amazing how I can still hear it in my head… 

We wanted each other more than ever, and she began to unbutton my dress shirt… and I did something I had never done before.

I stopped her.

In my head - the upper one - I really didn't want her to get in trouble. In my head, I actually thought, that when I meet her father, it will be with him having some respect for me as a person, and not the guy who just wants to screw his daughter's little ass off.

I wanted her father to respect me. Her Japanese father to respect me… the gaijin who wants to marry his daughter.

This is our second date. And, even though I could have been screwed, I was not screwed, even though I was screwed in the head screwed.

I already knew I could bang Noboko until the cows came home… but with her… I waited so long for her to like me, let alone agree to a date with me, it was like I knew she was supposed to be with me even before we met… it felt… good.  

I gently placed Noboko back down, kissed her passionately, and unlocked the front door. She peered out through the peephole by standing on her 5'-1" (if that) tippy-toes, and then opened the door and quickly walked down the stairs to the right of my apartment … leaving freedom behind… as she quickly got in her car and drove home. I know that because I went to my balcony and watched her.

Noboko waved to me through her windshield as she raced off… possibly late for her curfew with daddy at 10PM.

Oh, Noboko… who's your daddy?
Andrew Joseph 

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