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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Wet - And Not In A Good Way

Here in Toronto, we had some flooding after a torrential downpour that lasted about three hours or more.

It rained harder than I had ever seen it rain.

The roof only had three leaks - two here in my computer room, but thankfully my comic book collection remains high and dry.

We did have a power outage last night from 6PM last night to 11:35AM today... so all the food we bought on Sunday is garbage.

I have no idea how the monks wrote anything by candle light. I tried to read a comic book at 11PM last night and nearly singed my eyebrows from having to get close enough to the light to make out a few squiggles that may or may not have said : Bafman

Anyhow.. the whole house smells of wet dog thanks to the humidity in the air, that reminds me of Japan so much.

I recall making the mistake of wearing a silk shirt, placing my backpack on my back and hopping on my bicycle for the 10-minute ride to Ohtawara Junior High School once.

I got there and the blue shirt had turned dark black from sweat and humidity. My pants, socks, underwear and shoes, too.

Whatever hair product I had in my hair then had melted.

The teachers there banded together and gave me some clothes: Track pants and gym socks... the largest pair of Japanese slippers ever - still two sizes to small and a shirt. Unfortunately, that came from the pregnant teacher. I did look pretty.

This really did happen. I wore maternity clothes.

Andrew Joseph

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