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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Interesting Fact About Japan - #1

Did you know that Vicks inhalers are forbidden in Japan?

In Japan, any over-the-counter allergy or sinus drugs that have pseudoephedrine in it like the Vicks inhalers and Sudafed are banned by the country's anti-stimulant drug laws.

Which shouldn't be a big deal... if you seriously need Vicks just by the goopy stuff and wipe it on your chest or place it under your nose.

As well, you you want to bring in some Tylenol 3 pills, just know that codeine is not allowed either.

I find all of this very interesting, and not that surprising. Japan doesn't like drugs. But, at the same time, it seems to have no problem with the plethora of energy revitalization drinks one can buy at the local convenience store, or what I call the local liquor shop.

I can not offer any statement on whether those drinks actually work, because I was always afraid of what was in them since I couldn't read the Japanese on the label.

I should note that many years back when I was suffering terribly from sleep apnea and did not yet have a C-PAP machine, I drank two Red Bulls in a two minutes in an effort to stay awake during a meeting down in Chicago. While I am sure Red Bull will give you wiings, it did nothing for me, as the strength of my tiredness trumped the taurine in Red Bull. My head was nodding and rolling for the next several hours until that meeting ended.

As for being overly tired or suffering from dry mouth after another bit of binge drinking in Japan, all I can tell you is that even the weakest of green teas will give you the energy to survive.

The best part about drinking green tea in Japan in an office is that not only is it readily available for you to consume, but some poor woman will undoubtedly serve it to you again and again as the rum slowly oozes from your sweat glands over the course of the day.

Anyhow... don't bring an Vicks inhalers... as for that photo above... it's green and blue... but in Japan they might just say its blue. Did you miss the last blog? HERE.

Andrew Joseph

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