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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Manga Inspires Japanese Kick-Ass Suit

Perhaps we can file the above photo of an exo-skeleton suit under Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

You sci-fi fiends will know I'm word playing on the character Ripley in the movie Aliens, I believe.

Thanks to Vinnie for showing me the light and noting that Japanese firm Sawaga Electronics Co., Ltd.  has developed an exoskeleton based on the manga (comic book) Powered Jacket.

The manga - Powered Jacket (see below) - revolves around the lives of Japanese high schoolers in the year 2044.

Now, since life is imitating art here, the Powered Jacket MK3 is an actual recreation of an exo-skeleton featured in the manga... and have smartly created a promotional video demonstrating their mine robotics using a young woman dressed up as a high school student.

Each exo-skeleton weighs a mere 25 kilograms (55.17 lbs), and is 225 centimeters (8-1/2 feet) tall. Perfect for taking down pesky JET Programme English teachers who want to try and improve your already stellar language skills.

"I like ski."

Although the Powered Jacket MK3 exo-skeleton can be purchased for a mere ¥12,500,000 yen (US/Cdn $124,400, you better hurry. Sagawa Electroniucs is only maing them to order... and only has plans to make five such suits. Believe it or not.

Want to buy a suit? Click HERE and fill out the order form.

Andrew Joseph

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