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Friday, July 19, 2013

Scent Of A School Girl - Hoo-ha!

Now… before you get all up in arms about how screwed up Japan is, just note the the product in question here is available from Tamatoys, a Japanese company that specializes in sex toys.

The photo above… that's a product anyone can buy on-line.

Take a close look at the photo above… the graphic shows a young woman or girl lifting up her junior high school or high school skirt… and peeing through her black nylons.

Do Japanese school girls wear nylons? I don't think so.

Anyhow… the bottle with the yellow stuff in it? Yup… you guessed it - kind off… it's not actual school girl pee, but rather a liquid that looks and smells like schoolgirl pee.

Looks like school girl pee? Really? That girl needs to drink some water, because that's not a healthy color… she seems a bit dehydrated.

That's not the point. It is supposed to smell like school girl pee.

The packaging says it is : Real Scent Of Girl.

Now… I'm not an expert when it comes to school girl pee, though I do play one elsewhere on the Internet, but I'm pretty sure there is little difference from schoolgirl pee, schoolboy pee, old woman pee and old man pee. There may not even be any difference between cat pee and pea-brains.

And… since I'm betting the person needing to have a bottle of something that may or may not smell like urine from a school girl… probably doesn't know the difference, I say more power to Tamatoys.

Apparently you can order your own bottle of pee for US $25. You can look it up yourself... I found it on-line, you can, too. I don't really want to post the website here.

Again…. though this is a Japanese product, I would be if better advertised, this would be a global product in no time, with large sales.

Never underestimate the buying power of a pervert.

Yeah… I'm calling you a pervert. Look… do the watersports all you want… but even if this was REAL pee, you would be buying anonymous pee… where' the fun in that? BUT, this stuff… it's not even real pee. It's fake pee. Where's the fun in that?

Anyhow... the site has other smells for the pervert that has needs... vaginal, armpit... it goes on and on... and all at an affordable cost. But... again... it just supposedly smells like it... it isn't really the real thing.

Andrew Joseph
(Uh… you didn't drink it when I said cheers, did you?)

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