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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The First Thing You Will Learn About Japan

This blog is for those of you who have never been to Japan before, and are actually about to embark on the journey there on the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme.

I was there - 23 years ago. I arrived there a few days before August - just as you will.

And... the first thing you will learn about Japan as you disembark the airplane from whatever country you are from... as you step out from the airplane and out into the air of the airport is...

it's fugging hot.

You might think you know hot... but you don't.

Hot and humid don't even begin to describe how hot it is there at the airport.

Granted the hot jet airplanes all around you may have something to do with the heat, but trust me... the first thing you will feel when you take that first step onto the tarmac of Japan is that it is stupid hot.

Now... the good news is that you will be so excited that it won't matter to you... but as you then pass through customs and grab your bags and wait for the air-conditioned bus, you will feel that heat. You will feel it again as you exit the bus for the hotel you will be staying at in Tokyo... and after you shower and put away your clothes in the hotel and brave looking outside the hotel, every single pore in your body will open up and you will begin the first day of many sweating.

Don't wear silk. That's the second thing you will learn about Japan.

There. Short and sweat.

Andrew Joseph   

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