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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Your Rent Could Be Based On Weight In Osaka

Keeping it real, an apartment block in Osaka is challenging renters to reduce their rent by reducing their body weight.

Cool. Hey… this building isn't sitting on some fault in the Earth, is it… too much and down comes the building?! No? Good.

Lady Share House B&D in Osaka, Japan is an apartment complex for women only (do men know about this?), whose ownership wants to help people lose weight… not just people… women.

Lose 1kg (2.2lbs) = Rent Drop of ¥1,000 (Cdn/US $10).

Want more money to buy more groceries? Lose weight. But then… if you buy more groceries… won't you be gaining weight?

No! Don't buy groceries… save up the money saved from lower rent by purchasing new clothing… let's see… you lost 2 kilograms (4.4 lbs) this month… you're down a whole size… and now, everything you wear makes you look dumpy… you're so depressed you might just inhale a matcha-flavored cheesecake. And sleep around.

Okay… extremes all… but it is an interesting concept:

Lose weight = drop your rent.
Gain weight = raise your rent.

Hey… waitaminute… raise my rent? WTF? Who said anything about that?

It's a cool idea… they don't have to provide one with an incentive to lose weight… but this apartment is.

Might I suggest that when you move-in to the place and they take your weight for good measure… before going in… pack on the pounds.

No… don't eat all those pastries or bags of popcorn. Those are delights and are not to be used in such a nefarious plan…. rather swallow some ball bearings or something heavy… maybe apply some lead dust to your hair or skin… add false pockets of flab that hide extra weight…

Then… over the next several months… drop the weight… soon enough, the apartment bossed will be paying you money just to rent their unit.

This is a real thing, by the way, and sent to me by my gal Friday who only works Thursdays, but that's another story.

"Since the rent is lower if you lose weight, we thought overweight people would be coming to live here, what we found out that many people who already have a great body come here," says the Broad Enterprise administrator, as translated by Mari Kataoka, to the Associated Press.

According to the administrators of the apartment complex, the 24 women who have come to live at this fat farm aren't interested in losing weight and dropping their rent, but instead now have an incentive to maintain their body.

So... no one is losing weight?

This is a not a lose-lose situation. It's all about keeping the status quo.

Broad Enterprises who own the Lady Share House B&D in Osaka help their renters out by providing them with an exercise room filled with equipment, beauty products and even healthy snacks.

The idea behind all of this is to provide the women with the concept of restraint... don't eat junk food.. make healthy choices... but I wonder... if these women are interested in maintaining what they have rather than lose weight, it would appear that they are already in decent shape and already know how to have restraint.

I don't get it...

The facility gains notoriety, and loses money by providing beauty supplies and snacks... so what do they get out of this? Healthier women? Are they really that altruistic?

That's interesting.
My only question to you all is this: While I don't have an issue with someone providing incentives to LOWER rent for housing… but to raise it? That doesn't seem legal. I don't care what rules are made up, a sliding scale for apartment rents seems shady.

What if someone moves in weighing 300 lbs… and drops down to say 200 lbs… losing 100 lbs (45.36 kilograms)... that would mean a reduction in rent by ¥45,360 ($451.62)... that's like reducing your rent by... maybe 1/3.

The article does not actually state how much rent is at the Lady Share House B&D... you know... the base rent... so I can't give you an exact percentage in rent reduction... but it seems that if you are an overweight female... it behooves to rent one of their apartments and lose weight and get a fantastic deal on your apartment rent.

Here's a You Tube video on the facility:

Andrew Joseph 

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