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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baby I Love Your Way - Rife With Noboko

So… three days of waiting until I could next see Noboko made me get a grip on myself - really… and on the third day he continued to rise again in fulfillment of his scribbles…

I'm Catholic. I can say that. I'll just recant everything on my deathbed.

So… I spent most of all day Saturday getting ready for Noboko.

Being a Japanese teacher in Japan, means you have to teach on Saturdays - six days a week.

Being a gaijin assistant English teacher on the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme means I only had to go into a school four days a week, and spend one day in the BOE (Board of Education) office.

Saturdays (and Sundays) were mine.

Now… it was only a half-day on Saturday at school, so Noboko could actually arrive at my apartment in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken as I wake-up at noon.

But nerves dictate otherwise.

I purposely refuse to eat anything or drink Coke after getting up - as I tend to have a twitchy stomach. I don't want crap getting in the way of this date with Noboko.

I spend some time slowly and careful shaving - my face - I hadn't learned to shave anything else yet - so that I could avoid any nicks that might make me look less appealing to Noboko.

I do have a beard going on… and I look smokinnnnnn.

I washed my hair, shampooing my head, chest and nether regions… and used conditioner… because everyone wants soft hair.

I dressed carefully - and then said screw it and put on some jeans and a T-shirt…

And I wait.

But because this is Japan, and it always seems as though people are watching me, as soon as I sit down in  front of my television, the doorbell rings.

A quick peek through the eyehole makes my heart skip a beat.

I quickly throw open the door, and as usually, Noboko kind of slinks in… trying not to make a big fuss or draw attention to herself.

As I close and lock the door, and Noboko takes off her shoes, I turn and face her and was about to lean in and hug her when she throws her 100-pound body up into my arms so that I can grab hold of her bum, and she can wrap her legs around my waist so she can kiss me at an equal level.

Tongues a probing, lips a smacking, breath a heaving, blood a pumping… and my hands are a quizzing her small but round ass… and at the exact same moment I'm about to take things to another level by creating a further sense of urgency with my kiss, Noboko breaks it… smiling as she looks up at me.

"Hiiiiii……. " she purrs.

"Hello stranger," I answer.

Proving once again that I am not the master of conversation when it comes to being around a babe, Noboko wriggles down from my grasp, and asks me: "Do you think of me as a stranger?"

"Yes, Noboko," I answer in my sarcastic humorist way, "I kiss all strangers like that."

"Hmmmff" she said as she turned her back to me and walked further into my apartment without putting on those ridiculous apartment indoor slippers I have perched at the entranceway for every Japanese person.

Now… if I was smarter back in 1993 when all of this was happening… or at least had a bit more sexual maturity packed into my pants like I do now in 2013… I wouldn't have been concerned with what just happened…

I probably WOULD have said something cool or pacifying like: "Yes… I kiss strangers like that, but would you like to see how I kiss my girlfriend?"

In fact… because I was and am extremely quick on my feet, that was exactly what I said.

"I'm your girlfriend?" she asked raised her perfectly-shaped right eyebrow.

Geez. After three dates and no sex, but a lot of sexual tension, being accused of knocking up some other woman… and I just informed her that I thought of her as my girlfriend?

Now… I thought I had just shot myself in the foot… and I'm not speaking about all women… or all Japanese women… JUST Noboko… but calling her my girlfriend… she seemed to like that.

In hindsight, it showed I really, really liked her… and that I had obviously forgiven her for wrongly-accusing me of knocking up some other Japanese woman… and that I wanted a relationship - not just sex.

That has always been my preference, but women throwing themselves at me in some bizarre desperate attempt at fulfillment oft times gets in the way of my moral outrage.

Why doesn't anyone throw themselves at me anymore he asks as he shovels in a forkful of creamy thick baked macaroni and cheese into his maw.

So… Noboko being a smart woman, asked me "How do you kiss a girlfriend?"

Passionately. With hunger.

She didn't mind my probing hands, and neither did I mind hers… why does everything need to be adjusted?

All I can tell you is that she arrived at my place at 1:30PM… and we left my bedroom a sweaty mess at around 6PM. Drained.

It was the first time I had ever smelled Noboko's hair and didn't smell apple blossoms. My whole apartment smelled of sex. So did Noboko. So did I.

Was it the best ever? The first time with someone new always does. At least that's what I've come across.

We sat around partially clothed and ate a tub of chocolate ice-cream. And it still wasn't enough.

I wanted to either have another marathon of sex with Noboko… and yes… that was just a one-shot deal. Or… I wanted to go out for dinner and then come back to my apartment and have another marathon of sex with Noboko.

A man's gotta eat, right? Food, that is.

And poor Noboko… ha-ha… I think she needed a break, even if that 100-pound lithe body didn't need to eat anything else.

So she ordered a pizza by phone and then went and picked it up. I was told to stay in my apartment.

Hmm... I had lived in Ohtawara for 2+ years and had never been to a pizza parlor in Ohtawara-shi. She didn't live in my city, but knew the phone number of the place… and knew exactly where it was to pick it up. 

But that didn't worry me. Again… despite rocking her for hours and hours… she still didn't want to be seen in public with me.

I didn't understand why… but then that man-brain came to life and said "Shut the eff up, ya knob!!! You just had awesome sex with a woman any guy would give his left nut to talk to…. don't ruin it."

Now… there are times to listen to one's man-brain, and times when one shouldn't. This was a time to listen. But I couldn't.

Immediately every single thought of self-doubt crept back into my little boy brain… "Maybe the sex wasn't that good for her… maybe you took too long to finish… maybe she didn't want to cum six times (she was a tough one)… maybe she didn't enjoy the whole orgasm experience - that was the first time for her, right?"

It wasn't the first time for Noboko to have sex. That much was evident.

But… she did confide that today was the first time she had ever had multiple orgasms.

"Yeah?!" I answered quite proudly.

And then she added, "It was the first time I ever had one."

And I thought immediately at how unlucky she was … and then I thought how lucky I was… I was her best ever…

Screw that little boy-brain!

"But why won't she be seen in public with you?"

Fuggin brain.

Andrew Joseph
The title of today's blog was inspired by Peter Frampton's self-named song.
For me… I love Noboko… and I love the way… but as you can see here at the end… I either hate her way… or hate MY way.

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