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Friday, August 2, 2013

Buddhist Temple Game For Kids - Remove Underwear And Win

If I may be brief... 

File this one under: Mom always makes me wear clean underwear in case I get in an accident, so she can look like a good mother.

A Japanese Buddhist temple has come under fire for having a game, that in hind sight is risque - or perhaps, risky.

During an overnight camp with 59 kids in grades 1-5, a game was played whereby the removal of underwear garnered extra points.

Right then and there... you are thinking what I am thinking... is this temple run by child molesters?

Well, keep your panties on folks, we can chalk this one up to Buddhist monks not being in touch with the modern world. If you feel you can believe that.

"We thought the kids would enjoy it. Looking back, we didn’t think it through enough," say representatives of the Buddhist temple summer camp.

I am unsure if that constitutes an apology, but it seems the monks are not into monkey business and are quite down on themselves... which sucks, because if they are into zen, they should know that they should forget the past and not even think about the future.... and all they have is the present, which feels like a kick in the groin.

On an overnight camp on July 22 - 23, 2013, at a Buddhist temple in Tsukumi-shi (Tsukumi City), Oita-ken (Oita Prefecture), the temple, which puts on the camp for its students who follow its teachings (apparently the temple preaches incredibly bad choices), played a game with the kids.

Divided into teams, they vied to see who could tie articles of their clothing together to make the longest chain.

That doesn't sound too bad, right?

Uh... no.

For any boy who would take off and tie his underwear (I'm assuming there's a lot of skid marks in those), the team would get 100 points.

Proving that Buddhists are sexist pigs as well as being out of touch with children (ahem), for any girl that did the same, they would get 200 points.

Why do the girls get more points than the boys? Is it because the girls might not want to do such a stupid thing with all of these naked monks around.

I assume the monks would remove their clothing if they were on the team. Maybe not. No one said anything about naked monks except me, and that's just pure conjecture and wrong. I hope.

So... even the little girls had to be coaxed with the extra incentive of double the points... or perhaps it's because there were more boys than girls at the camp.

And, why this is worth a gold medal, I'll never know, but for any boy or girl who also took off their pants (and used it in the link), they got a gold medal.

They get a gold medal for taking off their pants, and points for taking off their underwear?

How the hell did they take off their underwear if they didn't take off their pants first?

Oh wait... it had to be used in the chain...

So that means that the kids may have been allowed to take of their underwear in private, and for those that did not want win a gold medal (losers), they could have put their pants back on.

For those highly competitive Japanese youngsters who wanted their team to win with the extra points garnered from the underwear in a chain... and also wanted a gold medal... I assume it's not real gold, which is even more cruel... that they would be walking naked around the camp with a bunch of adult monks who have renounced sex.

As a Catholic, I find this highly disgusting behavior, and there's no way my religious leaders would ever do anything like that to kids... what's that? Oh... never mind. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, and all that...

Anyhow... the Buddhist temple has been chastised by whatever it is they believe in... and won't do it again...

Although how they can promise is that is beyond me... how can they say anything about a future that doesn't exist yet...

Anyhow... no one was hurt (I believe), and I believe (I hope) that the monks will not ever do anything this stupid again.

But... it makes one wonder why NO ONE... and I mean no one... thought the whole points thing was a bad thing.

Andrew Joseph
PS: As for the photo... I though I would be safe and show some puppies in kiddie onesies on a laundry line... because everybody loves puppies.

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