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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chinese Killing Japanese In Glorious Mission Videogame

Fantasy over reality? Art imitating life? Smart marketing for a country with over 1-billion people? Profound hatred for the Japanese? Chinese and Japanese bikini-clad babes in high -heels wrestling each other for world domination?

It's all of the above.

Except for that last one.

Developed by Giant Interactive Group, a Chinese software developer and publisher, Glorious Mission is a video game that allows you—The Chinese—to kill the hated enemy—The Japanese—in a hail of bullets, shrapnel and high explosives. Stiletto heels are not provided.

Glorious Mission was originally developed with input from China's People's Liberation Army (PLA), and has gamers play as a Chinese soldier defending your Chinese (no - Japanese) islands situated in the East China Sea… including such currently popular destinations for the Chinese and Japanese military/defense forces: Daiyou... also known as Senkaku by the Japanese who are nothing but capitalist dogs that must be put down.

As you hopefully are aware, China and Japan don't like each very much in the real world… with current hatred stemming from Japan's insistence that it once thought back in the 1930s-40s (and even earlier!) it should rule all of Asia... implying that invading and occupying China was a divine right for the Japanese.

Anyhow… the Glorious Mission video game…

"Players will do battle alongside the PLA, with guns in hand, and tell the Japanese: 'You will not violate our sovereign territory!'" says a statement on the game's website.

Now… the game was originally developed for PLA training simulations… at least that was the idea by the PLA… but now… it's offered to the average Chinese kid still living in his parent's government subsidized housing unit… on-line. (I don't think there are a lot of basements in China. There are, but it's a state secret.)

The invaders against China's sovereign lands in the video game are called  'guizi', which is a derogatory Chinese term for its Japanese invaders during and before World War II. We should nip such language in the bud.

Make no mistake about it… in the video game, the invaders are most definitely Japanese…

In a Reuter's article, the writer describes a scene in the game:
He walks backwards, emptying the magazine of his rifle into the three soldiers charging toward him with bayonets raised. They drop dead, and a small Japanese flag, its red sun stylized to resemble a bullet wound, flashes onto the screen.

I think the small Japanese flag is a dead giveaway…

To prove that Japan is number one with a bullet on the radar of China's military angst, the on-line video game of Glorious Mission was unveiled to the people's masses on August 1… the anniversary of the forming of the PLA.

You're next Round-eyes...
Want more? Okay…

Giant Interactive spokesperson Richard Chang says of the 3D interactive game: "The (Chinese) military was 100 per cent behind this game.

"Rather than playing the same foreign games like Call of Duty and being American Marines shooting Russians or whatnot, Chinese can actually play as Chinese soldiers."

Here's an example of what the first-person shooter is like: You, the Chinese fighter, might be on the Liaoning - China's first air-craft carrier - and are charged to defend.

Or… you are in Shanghai… and must defend against the godmore Japanese who are coming to loot your beautiful cultural artifacts from the museums. "The guizi are coming!" shouts the game, as you get ready to defend.

It's never fun to be painted as the bad guy, but welcome to the real world.

During WWII and before, Japan was indeed a bad mamajamma, and if this Glorious Mission video game is set in that era, then so what?

Indians (Native Americans) have been getting shot by Cowboys for decades on television and movies. Russians were getting beat up by Rocky in the movies. The Russians and various Middle Eastern gents have been getting a bad rep in sports entertainment - IE professional wrestling - for decades.

Americans et al, have been killing Nazi Germans et al in the video game series Castle Wolfenstein for 30 years now.

Everybody loves killing Nazis in video games. Even Nazis.
In fact… the Japanese (and Italians and Germans) have appeared in more than their fair share of comic books set in the WWII-era.

So… the Japanese should not upset by their appearance in the Glorious Mission video game.

But perhaps they should, at the very least, be concerned that the disputed Senkaku Islands are part of the mission scenarios.

And… since this is an on-line video game, you just know that Chinese officials are monitoring the highest scores… for possible conscription into an elite Chinese strike force, or if you are a horrible Japanese, perhaps your score has placed a little red circle target on your forehead.

"The guizi have been obliterated!" the video game says after your hand grenade explodes under the feet of your last enemy.

You have saved the cultural artifacts.

Still wish you could play?

Okay… to quote from one of my favorite movies: Shall we play a game?

 Click on the link below to try the Glorious Mission game on-line.


Somewhere I prefer RPGs to First-Player-Shooters,
Andrew Joseph   

PS: that line from the movie… that was the WOPR super-computer that controlled all of the US nuclear warheads asking a teenager if he would like to blow up half the world in the 1983 movie WarGames
PPS: Effing Auto-Correct on Text Edit changes 'guizi' to 'guise'. Stupid computers.

PPPS: The "your base are belong to us" quote is from the 1991 European Sega Mega Drive Zero Wing video game that was poorly translated from Japanese. Maybe it had Auto-Correct.


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  2. Your video is as surprising is just cool and i can suppose you're an expert in this subject.

  3. It's really interesting reading your opinion.

  4. For some people, it may mean a racism.

    1. I do agree with you - for some people. I think it's racist if you play the game and enjoy just killing the Germans or the Japanese... but if it's just a target...
      My wife will only play a game where the victims are 'aliens' from space... they don't exist, so it's okay to kill them (Duke Nukem). Me? It's a game. I think the timing of the game is insensitive. And the fact that the Chinese army is being trained on it is wrong... especially when it is used to train people to kill Japanese, when there are currently troubles with the two countries... Hmmm... you make an excellent point.
      Thanks for writing in.

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  6. I havnt seen the trailer for the Glorious Mission. I guess this would be an interesting one. And i think the mission will be difficult as always.

  7. for possible conscription into an elite Chinese strike force, or if you are a horrible Japanese, perhaps your score has placed a little red circle target on your forehead.

  8. i am excited to try this one. i like some mission games...

  9. My husband used to play this kind of game, i will share your article to him

  10. Played it once in summer and I find this first person shooter kind a hard to play. But the graphics is awesome!

    1. Lucky. My kid is eight and I only get to play LEGO video games - which are actually quite fun and addictive... I am not a huge fan of first person shooters UNLESS it's a stand-up arcade game... it feels more real when you use two hands on a 'gun' while standing up than sitting on one's ass flicking buttons on a controller or joystick.

  11. Its just a game. We should take it easy. The developers knows best,

    1. I know, eh? It's just a game. Now, if it was being used to train people for a war... okay...then there's an issue... but it's just a video game.

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