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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hi, I'm Suzuki-san - Fly Me

This is a newspaper advertisement for JAL - Japan Air Lines - taken from a copy of the Nippon Times, Thursday, October 20, 1955... part of a gift from my friend Vinnie in the U.S., who thought that since I was/am a journalist who also has a thing for Japan, well...

Well, guess what?

This advertisement has more than journalism and Japan going on in it for me!

As some of you know, I also write an aviation blog entitled: Pioneers of Aviation - because I like historical stuff about planes and such. So this ad kind of covers that.

As well, this ad features Japanese women... and while I tend to have a thing for Japanese women, the correct way to phrase it, is that I a huge thing (LOL) for women. Period. Not women having their period. But, women. Yes... women's butts. Whatever. Some of you know what I mean.

(By the way... have you noticed how many people use the short-form 'LOL', which means laughing out loud? When did the world become so happy? I think people are lying to themselves so they don't either drink themselves into oblivion or blow their brains out with social media. Okay, joke over.)

Now... I'm not sure what happened in the world since 1955 and 2013 (actually, being an astute history buff - I'm a buff kindda guy - with degrees in political science and journalism - I do know), but really... take a look at that advertisement.

Is it just me or is there not a looker in the bunch?

Would that ad make you want to fly JAL? Okay... maybe the one on top... but I would need to see her butt.

Now... back in the 1990s, I did fly JAL, and I must say the stewardesses (I did not see any stewards) looked a whole lot more hot than the trio photographed for the old ad.

It's not just me, is it?

Okay... is it me, or do the top two women in the advertisement have the exact same mouth? And I mean the exact same mouth.

Anyhow, JAL back in 1955 was proud to fly folks between the U.S. and Tokyo in its 'great' Douglas DC8B aeroplanes (airplanes) that are 'catered' by lovely Japanese chicks of the day and piloted by million-miler Americans... literally pilots who have accumulated 1-million miles of flying time.

A photographer gets up close to a DC8 shortly before being blown away by the jet engines. I assume.
Now that's a bunch of experienced pilots! Heck... starting back in 1910 or so these pilots could have really racked up the frequent flier miles doing stunt pilot shows or crop dusting in Oklahoma in the 1930s. Or maybe that whole war thing... both of them.

The DC8 planes were purchased by JAL probably within the August - October of 1955. Brand, spanking new.

And we all know how some people love a spanking.

By the way... a million-miler is now a person who has accumulated 1-million frequent flyer points as a passenger.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Good blog--A fun addition to my bookmarks.

    Surprised not see any references to Japanese pop songwriting wunderkind Yasutaka Nakata.

    The dude is practically a new Beatles, IMO.

    In spite of the techno/dance/dj trappings in his music, Nakata writes songs/melodies more in the tradition of the classic 60s/70s/80s songwriting masters than anyone currently in The West these days.
    Most of his lyrics are in Japanese.
    But so are the lyrics to the famous golden oldie, "Sukiyaki", which was a #1 hit in the US in 1963.
    If Nakata could ever break through and have just 1 big hit (via his group Perfume, most likely) in The West, watch out!
    That 1 hit could become 50 hits IMO.

    If you haven't heard him, check him out.

    I'd be interested in your take on him.

    Some of his songs are almost Bacharach-esque in their elegance (Perfume-"575", "Negai", "Point";"Bitter" by Ami Suzuki), others evoke Steely Dan or Stevie Wonder ("Transparent", and "Hello" by Capsule).

    But those are just a smidge from an amazingly prolific composer who is still just 33.

    I am a 62-year old musician and longtime music fan (I started playing guitar because of The Beatles).
    I think Nakata is the best new pop composer I have heard in 30 years.
    He writes melodies and song structures more like the classic songwriters I grew up with.

    Now if I only could understand Japanese!

    1. Welcome aboard - and thanks!
      I like your photo. That's the second biggest cock I've ever seen.
      Anyhow... thanks for the heads-up... I'll check him out. You seem to have an excellent vocabulary for music...
      Give me a couple of days and I'll write something up. I might use your writing for reference, though!