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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Now You Can Sleep IN Hello Kitty - Yeesh

Spotted over at the website Japan Today, comes the following story written by Preston Phro. They really do have good stuff there on that site, so check'em out.

Prince Hotel's new Hello Kitty suite: For a limited, cute time only

The Prince Hotel, located in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, has just opened up a brand new Hello Kitty-themed suite, and it might very well be one of the cutest rooms we’ve ever seen.
Decked out with one-of-a-kind Hello Kitty furniture and goods, this large suite —59 square meters — is only available until Sept 8, so you better book it fast.
The room contains a sofa in the shape of Hello Kitty’s silhouette complete with a bow, in addition to a Hello Kitty dresser and numerous Hello Kitty stuffed toys. The walls are also covered with photos of Kitty and her boyfriend Daniel on a date, as well as pictures of the adorable character’s family. Many of the props in the room are from the Sanrio Puroland amusement park, where you can meet and “chat” with your favorite Sanrio characters.
From Aug 18, the room price is 15,000 yen per night for one person, except on Saturdays and days before holidays when the room goes for 17,500 yen. Guests will receive special Hello Kitty goods.
In addition to the Hello Kitty suite, the Prince Hotel is also preparing a My Melody room, which will similarly be decorated with My Melody props. Your stay in the room will come with My Melody goods and will only cost 10,000 yen per person per night.

I think this is kind of cool... but wonder why it is only for three weeks?

And, with a price tag of ¥15,000 (US/Cdn $154) or ¥17,500 ($180) - this isn't a playground for kiddies. It's one for adults. With kids, I hope. If it's just adults, come on Japan... somethings are too effing cute...

Look... I think Hello Kitty is a wonderful marketing tool. I really do. But is there a true need by an adult or two to sleep in a room done up with Hello Kitty paraphernalia?

It's my guess that aside from bloggers looking for fodder for news for their blogs, any real adult or child Hello Kitty fanatic already has their bedroom set up to look like you are 12-years-old... and female.

I have 30,000+ comic books. I love cartoons. But I do not decorate my apartment with objects d'art from comic books or cartoons. I have the odd kitsch thing - like a Donald Duck mug I use to store extra pens, a Donald Duck pin I keep in a place of respectful prominence on my desk at work, and a few Donald Duck key chains from the Disneylands and worlds to go along with the 500+ Donald Duck-related comic books... but no one will ever come into my house and think - old Andrew is a freak.

I guess I'm saying, people, is that some people need to grow up. And this is ME talking.

I'm young at heart, but if I was to devote my whole being to someone, it wouldn't be a female white cat with no mouth. It would be a different type of pussy cat, if you know what I mean.

As for me? I like Donald Duck because he reminds me of me... a simple fellow doing the best he can in this world, sometimes winning, sometimes losing, but always trying. He also doesn't wear pants. I can respect that.

Would I want to sleep in a Donald Duck hotel room for ¥17,500? Sure... as a blogger. But to sleep in it because I am a Donald Duck fan? No.... unless the woman I'm with also thinks this is a good idea. And... that ain't happening.... but if it did, I'm pretty sure that, in that case, I'm going to be too busy to look at the stuff in the room, as Donald won't be the only one not wearing any pants.

As for visiting the Hello Kitty hotel suite? I just want photos. Of what? Exactly.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Not another Filler Blog! D:

    We want to hear more about You & Nobuko!!

    (I find your experiences very entertaining so THANK YOU! )

  2. Yo nerdy ugly bitch-ass whiteboy, the name of your blog is racist. Hope the yakuza rolls up and murders your sorry ass punk.

    1. Yo... I'm not white.
      But, I like how you made the racist assumption that all writers of blogs such as this MUST be white.
      Ugly? How would you know? You didn't even know I was not white.
      Bitch-ass? What does that even mean? Is that even an insult?
      Also... you accuse me of being racist, but use racist terms yourself (whiteboy). D'uh.
      By the way, the yakuza and I have always had a good relationship.
      What is my "sorry ass punk"? Your language abilities are as brilliant as one would expect from someone wanting to leave such glorious anonymous feedback. Perhaps you meant "sorry punk ass".
      Your attempts at insulting me made me laugh.
      Now... even though you lacked the guts to reveal your own name, please note that after you left your kind note here, I forensically back-tracked your message... to learn more about you.
      Thanks for sharing.