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Monday, August 12, 2013

Picture This

Because I never publish a lot of photos of myself while in Japan - I'm usually the one with the camera - let me share with you one image taken of me - sometime in late 1992.

I've got a French-cut beard going on... I'm growing my hair... I'm wearing a blue silk shirt with purple threads that I designed and had made for me while I was in Thailand... I'm wearing a barely visible 1600s Japanese coin (with a square hole in it) held around my neck with an 18-inch 18K gold chain (also from Thailand), and I'm slightly blurry - perhaps owing to a couple of drinks.

But damn... I looked good. And skinny. I love that beard... I can't grow it anymore because my facial hair has gone grey. It was the Commander Ryker beard from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

That shirt has not fit me in 15 years since I put 12 inches on my chest at the gym. Too bad... I love that shirt.

Anyhow... afternoon dinner with the families of my son's friends... so I'm too pooped (a few too many beers) to write an article on anything else.

Still... this blog gets some 50,000 hits a month... so thanks. We;ll be back at it with some good stuff tomorrow.

Andrew (the Grey) Joseph

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