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Monday, September 16, 2013

25 Best Sushi Package Designs


I love it.

While it is probably best to have sushi served fresh at a Japanese restaurant - preferably in Japan - sometimes a hankering, no matter where you are, must be served.

I've walked past displays of sushi at my local supermarket here in Toronto and have seen sushi made earlier that day sitting in a white foam tray wrapped in plastic film… over-priced, to be sure but ready for me to take home. 

By the way… is it just me, or is Japanese food (outside of Japan) the most expensive type of ethnic food to purchase? It would seem to me that with less ambiance provided, Japanese food could be more affordable and thus reach a larger audience.

I've also found here in Toronto, that at a Chinese food restaurant, the worse the decor—the better the food. Or at least it used to be that way. I would troll around late-night Chinese food establishments looking for a grungy place and enjoy acme amazing food. Always order a number NOT on the menu, by the way. Numbered dishes on the English side are always less than those on the side in Mandarin/Cantonese. You'll get a more authentic Chinese-food dish that way.

Anyhow… while I appreciate the crappy, but economical foam trays holding my Japanese take-out supermarket sushi, I did come across a website showing off the best of the best sushi packaging designs.

Many are in use in countries around the world, but some are not… and yet, I found them all to be as exciting as a mouthful of wasabi that I accidentally picked up because my sushi was squished, against that tubed out green paste. Refreshing.

The website is:, and you can see the sushi package designs: HERE.

Andrew Joseph
Photo above taken by Wikicommons user: Quadell

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