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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

420-lb Sumo Wrestler Body Slammed

Who knew that outside of Japan, Sumo was a big deal? Well... not to denigrate the athletes, but despite the athletes carrying around a lot of weight, it doesn't carry around a lot of weight.

Regardless... what I saw in the video below is an outstanding display of strength.

Check out 346-pound (156.94 kilogram) Sumo World Champion "Byamba" body slamming 420-pound (190.51 kilogram) Kelly Gneiting at the 2013 US Sumo Open in Los Angeles, California.

Now... when I say 'world champion'... that is arbitrary... kind of like having a Miss Universe contest with contestants from only one of a billion, billion planets. I'm sure no Japanese professional ranked o-zumo are involved in this competition.

Still... it's a pretty impressive way to win a sumo match!

I think the ground is still shaking!

Now... since I slammed American sumo... let me also state that the dude who was slammed... Kelly Gneiting... when he was a mere shadow of himself at 400-lbs (181.41 kg) ... in 2011 he became the heaviest person to ever COMPLETE the Los Angeles Marathon, a 26.219 mile (42.195km) footrace.

I don't care how long it took for him to do it, it's still impressive... just not as impressive as being the guy being body-slammed here.

Andrew Joseph

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