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Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Somewhat Brief Message About This Blog

Well... just a brief note on blogging for hits (did I spell that correctly?)... it seems like this blog is popular again.

After hitting a high of 53,000 or so back in January of 2013, Japan-It's A Wonderful Rife went into the dumper with only 34,000 hits a month later in February.

In the ensuing six months, it has clawed it's way back to the same level, coming in at just over 52,500 hits for August. Perhaps January was the aberration.

That makes me bemused, which is about as close to happy as I can muster in print.

So... thank-you.

Of course, the majority of the hits are for the older, popular posts you see to the right... achieving well over 50,000 total hits apiece for the top two blog articles, and an additional 40,000 for #3. Who knew that there were so many pervs out there?

Well, I did... and the same for all those people with porno websites. Sex sells.

Sadly, spending hours upon hours crafting painstakingly researched articles on historical documents about Japan just doesn't sell.

Which is fine. These blogs are free. And, at the very least, I can say the information is pretty damn accurate. You'd be surprised (maybe) about how much misinformation is available for public consumption.

Speaking of the public, people have continued to tell me that I should start selling ads on this, and other blogs... but in order to do that, I would have to switch to another blog server... and maybe upgrade to something I would have to pay for...

I could then, I am told, make money from my writing.

You know what stops me, though?

Writing for money then becomes a job.

I write for fun. Why else would I do this... occasionally opening my self up to ridicule or harassment from people who call me a racist while insulting me with racist remarks. Those are the best.

Write for money?

Nawww. I'd much rather be insulted for free.

It's like being married. No it's not. That one is costly.

Oh well... let's see what September brings. A good friend has her birthday this month. My ex-fiance has one too. Same day, in fact. That's not weird, is it? Same day my mother died, too. Or maybe not. The death certificate was 'filled out' at 12 midnight, a minute later. Let's see... what else.... lots of stuff that has affected my mood these past three years reared its ugly head in September, but on the plus side, once my brain cleared and I became more aware, it has driven me to write every single day for this blog... not missing a day since January 28 of 2011.

That's 1,682 blog entries since then (including this one). I never thought I would have that much to say. 

And... in 1990, in September... I first began teaching English at the seven junior high schools I taught at in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken on the JET Programme. That was pretty exciting.    

Writing-wise... August 2013 also saw another blog of mine hit 60,000 hits... meaning two of my blogs have achieved second-best hit-rates ever.

It's cool... that means 112,000 hits for the month from just two blogs. Holy crap. Finally. People like what I write! Mostly.

Did you know that in Canada, a best seller is 5,000 copies of a book sold per week? I get that many readers in two days. I should write a book. But what should I write about?

Oh... and in a couple of months... this blog will hopefully achieve 1-million hits. Not many autobiographical blogs can say that. 

That's fricking awesome.

Thanks for reading.

Andrew Joseph 
PS: And yes... this constitutes a short blog - for me, that is. :)
PPS: And yes... that is me in comic book form in the graphic image at the very top... drawn by the incomparable Pascal St. Clair for a comic book story I wrote. You can read that HERE, if you haven't read it already. It takes place in Ohtawara, and is only partially a true story. I did have depressed goldfish and long hair. And yes... I did have a muscular body... 


  1. Andrew,
    I can't speak for all of your readership obviously, but I can for myself. First and foremost I read your blog because it is about Japan. I can't recall how I first found it, but of about a dozen blogs yours was the most interesting by far. While I don't enjoy all your articles equally (I am not a huge baseball fan) most days I look forward to what quintessential japanese theme you cover (always wanted to use that in a sentence). Two things make your blog a success in my experience. I find your writing style very easy to read, and your articles are real. By real I mean relatable, because everybody has a little Perv in them once in a while, and every boy turned man will enjoy a story about a guy in foreign territory conquering his destiny and chasing a super hot japanese girl. Run on, write on, and please write the story turned screen play about you and Nobuko. For everybody who ever wanted to experience it but never did sake.
    Oh, and everbody hates ads.
    Daily Vancouverite reader.

    1. Dear DV,
      Thank-you. Thank-you very much. I have a real tear welling up in my left eye (seems to be the one more in touch with feelings).
      It's very refreshing to know that there are people like you out there - who also feel inclined to offer words of inspiration like this.
      It IS tough to expose oneself in a blog... but I suppose, that's what writers do.
      Oh... that Nobuko story... damn... I NEVER thought I should write that one. Always as a part of something else...
      Maybe it has to be. I'm watching the 1st three Spiderman movies and explaining to my 7-year-old son (lost on him), how you have to deconstruct the hero... show his flaws and weaknesses, and make him come to the brink of failure and despair, before rising again to win... in true hero fashion.
      I don't know if that happens in real life, though.
      But... at least I feel good after reading and re-reading your message.
      Time to rise up, true believers!
      'nuff said.
      Is there anything else you would like to learn about? Something I might know, but don't know I should write about?
      Hmmm. 'nuff said for real.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    As one of your readers, I add my support to the comments of "Anonymous" above. I couldn't express it better myself so I will refrain from cluttering up your comments section with my own words.

    However, I normally only comment on (or attempt to correct) anything related to the differences between British and North American English which may, albeit rarely, appear in your posts. So I thought you might be interested in this:-

    I read the Daily Mail which is published in London. It's a tabloid newspaper and is notorious for bad spelling, dodgy grammar, inaccurate reporting and often being months behind the times with its articles. It gives me daily pleasure to have a laugh at some of the things it comes up with. You might be interested in this. It appeared in the Daily Mail today (September 2nd).

    My comment? Where Andrew Joseph leads, the British Press stumble tardily behind. I thought you might like that.


    1. Hi Jeremy - I always appreciate your advice.
      But damn... that's interesting... and flattering. It will get you everywhere! So... what do you want? :) LOL!
      My gods, I feel good! Thanks J!