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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Auto-Correct Pisses Me Off

Can I just say how much I hate my computer writing programs guessing the word I am writing and filling in the blanks for me?

Effing Auto-Correct!

On my Canada Luvs Japan article published yesterday... I wrote the phrase "big hug and a leg lift"... or rather that's what I tried to write... but Auto-Correct wrecks my damn joke and creates its own joke to make me look stoopid.

It put down instead: "big lug and a leg life".


That would be funny if it didn't make me look stupid...

Let me tell you... when I am called stupid or made out to look stupid... my temper rises to a fever pitch... and I go squirrely. All of a sudden, I grab my nuts and try to cross the road without looking.

I didn't write that! Stupid Auto-Correct!

Andrew Joseph.
"Jeers"? - that was a typo.

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